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Of course there's no guaranty that you will get sick - there almost never is - this doesn't mean you should ignore food safety. There are three large factors that influence how "safe" your meat is: How much harmfull microorganisms were in your meat to begin with? How much did these microorganisms multiply and more importantly metabolize? How "healthy" are ...


You most likely won't get sick if the temperature was below freezing close to your windowsill. However, it's generally safer to thaw and consume your meat in a reasonable time frame, and not leave meat out for extended amounts of time. If you cooked your meat to temperature, you're also reducing the amount of bacteria that may have formed on the steak.


If it's cut thin enough, and if a visual inspection shows little in the way of sinew and connective tissue, I'd say you should be fine. Interestingly, I have been doing the opposite recently. I have a lot of beef cut for stir fry / schnitzel, etc... that I've instead used for Beef Jerky. It's been working well.


You cook any type of meat until no blood or pink is visible. I cook my meat whether it's beef or chicken until done. I do not use a temp stick or gauge to measure the temp. I have been cooking since I was 13, I guess you can say it comes automatic. Over a medium heat I cook ground beef until it is brown, strain excess oil off and that's it.

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