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A lot of the flavor comes from the marrow of the bone. Rib bones will need companion soup bones to help them. Alone, the flavor will seem weak or watered down. Now, if you are willing to put in the time.... Bake them first at 325f for an hour, let them cool and hit them with a hammer to crack them. you might want to cover them with a towel as not to send ...


I've recently started making smashed burgers -- -- which you make thin, then double up. It makes it much easier to get well-done but not overdone burgers. You get a good taste because there's a lot of surface meat getting browned. With thick steaks, the trick is to ...


Combine @Onepotmeals answer (letting the temp of the meat rise before cooking) and @JacobG (lower cooking temp) and you have the canonical answer. Also you said you nothing fancier than a frying pan--don't stress on that. My best meat cookery has been in my iron frying pan: stove top and in the oven.


To avoid the middle being undercooked, once I sear the outside of the rissole, I cover the hotplate in foil, just loosely - this creates a little oven that the rissoles can cook through - it also improves the time taken to cook them.

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