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In addition to @Jolenealaska's answer the beef is cut across the grain, and very thin. It also helps to start with a tender cut like sirloin or rib.


Meat in stir-fries is often velveted. That makes for a supremely soft chunk of meat, and it can be done with any type of meat. This answer actually addresses chicken: How to cook extremely soft chicken?, but it applies just as well to beef. It's usually done with egg and cornstarch, but sometimes it's done with a small amount baking soda instead, as in this ...


Since forming patties takes very little time, I would minimize issues of sticking together or deforming by storing the ground meat as a lump (in a plastic bag well sealed for a day or two should be no problem) and then shaping it into patties as you use it.


A good answer is said to provide sufficient academic reference. I am not providing much references, but providing what my experiences have been. Experience you would have to take with a pinch of salt (pun intended). I guess your utmost concerns are preservation of the meat conservation of taste/flavour/texture prevent the raw meat from contaminating other ...


Store them as you would the unground beef. If it will be still be in date after a few days, store it in the fridge, otherwise, freeze them (separating the patties with a sheet of greaseproof paper).


Jarrete, right? I have used beef short ribs as a substitute.

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