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American minced beef contains 30% fat, UK minced beef contains around 10% fat.


The instrument sold to markets to determine % fat apparently (from operation manual) renders a known volume of ground beef into a known diameter vial and measures the thickness of the fat layer floating above the water with a gauge that is calibrated in fat percentage. This instrument would not account for added water (which presumably takes up some of the ...


1) Put it in a pressure cooker at 15 psi for 60-90 mins or 2) Cook it sous vide at 136F-140F for 24-30 hrs. I have tried doing a beef shank yet but my experiment with top round (140F for 15 hrs) was a success. While the result wasn't quite filet mignon, the meat was moist and tender with some chewiness. I expect the same with beef shank. And because the ...

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