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Looking at it from a materials-science standpoint rather than a physics standpoint, I agree that plastic is safer than glass. The difference is in how they break. Glass is stronger than plastic, for any plastic that a blender jar is likely to be made out of, and is less likely to break from, for example, trying to blend a spoon you forgot to remove. ...


TL;DR: Plastic is better than Glass. It won't break (don't sue me if it does). If it does, you have about 0.0000518 seconds to get out of the way. A blender I picked at random. It has a powerful 750W motor. A different blender that I saw with 35,000 rpm had a 1725W motor. This divides down to be ≈ 15,200 RPM. The size: 40H x 18W x 18D So the main box ...

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