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In general, how do you shop for one when the only information a seems to be total power and the number of presets? Product reviews from real users is your best tool. Problem: it is time consuming to read many reviews and weed it down to the helpful ones, and the comments are not always accurate. I heavily rely on Amazon reviews, even if I don't end up ...


If you have access to one, try a food processor - they vary, but some (left running long enough) achieve a pretty convincing puree. You could also try pre-grating the potato (and apple, if you like), using a different blade, to speed the process along. I just "upgraded" to a 30+? year old cuisinart (from the made in Japan years), which is both quieter and ...


Your requirements appear to be for a "raw food" blender, the motor on those units are typically well above 500 watts (1000+ Watts). This enables harder/tough foods (such as ice, kale, nuts) to be broken down smooth enough that no sieving is required, with less risk of overheating the motor. Note: when a blender has a nut bag, or a nut bag option, it ...


A blender is fine, but please do not let it run continuously. Start-stop-start-stop until the texture for the appropriate item is correct. Place each "corrected" ingredient in a bowl. For avocados, simply mash with a potato masher or fork. Bon appetit!


You absolutely can. For this use case, any tool with a fast-spinning blade that creates a fine puree is suitable, regardles whether it's a food processor, blender or immersion (stick) blender. Food processors typically offer more functionality, like grating veggies for salads or kneading dough, but that's not required here.


The main difference between a food processor and a blender is its shape and how the food is mixed while it is being "cut up". In a blender, it relies on the funneling action of liquid to mix the food around. Otherwise only the bottom gets blended while the top stays solid. Food processors usually have a flat bottom and have a mechanism to turn the food as ...

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