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A blender is fine, but please do not let it run continuously. Start-stop-start-stop until the texture for the appropriate item is correct. Place each "corrected" ingredient in a bowl. For avocados, simply mash with a potato masher or fork. Bon appetit!


You absolutely can. For this use case, any tool with a fast-spinning blade that creates a fine puree is suitable, regardles whether it's a food processor, blender or immersion (stick) blender. Food processors typically offer more functionality, like grating veggies for salads or kneading dough, but that's not required here.


The main difference between a food processor and a blender is its shape and how the food is mixed while it is being "cut up". In a blender, it relies on the funneling action of liquid to mix the food around. Otherwise only the bottom gets blended while the top stays solid. Food processors usually have a flat bottom and have a mechanism to turn the food as ...


Two major sources of foam are (1) air whipped into bubbles, and (2) insoluble fiber. To help with #1, after blending everything the way you normally do, turn the blender to a lower speed setting for a few seconds to allow bubbles to coalesce and burst. Article with video. For problem #2, you can Reduce the sources of insoluble fiber (leaves, peels, ...


Blender speed selection can be part science and part personal preference. It also depends on the power your unit provides. Some general guidelines I would recommend adjusting to your liking: Low: Fine Ice*, Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Batters, Chop Vegetables, Puree Medium: Smoothies, Sauces, Dips, Fruit and Vegetable Juice, Nuts, Spreads High: Soups, Spice ...


There are many reasons for having a blender with selectable speeds: 1) Not every time you want to liquify or make a mush of your food; quite the opposite, usually you want to keep a bit of texture into what you are blending. Thus, lower speed is better. 2) Blending heat up your ingredients, either by the friction of the blades and by the heating of the ...

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