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As Tall said, that can be referred to as braising, but generally braising is with liquid that doesn't quite submerge the meat. If the meat is fully submerged, another term is "stewing". Whatever you call it, it is best done at a simmer, not a full boil.


Does cooking a lobster alive alter the flavor/texture? No, not really. Is there any truth to the claims that lobsters don't feel pain? Absolutely not. They feel pain just like you do. Does killing a lobster before cooking alter the flavor/texture? Nope. Are there other ways to kill a lobster so it doesn't suffer the horrible pain of being boiled ...


The thickness of the egg shell varies. The cooking procedure results in a pressure of about 1 bar / 14 psi inside the egg, 0.3 bar / 4 psi due to the expanding air and 0.7 bar / 10 psi due to the expanding water of the egg white - at a temperature inside of 90°C/194°F, which is a reasonable maximum temperature during cooking. Some egg shells can bear a ...


Well, sometimes eggs have non-visible (or non-visible without candling - shining a very bright light into the egg and looking at the light coming out of the egg) cracks. That would be one possible cause - the crack pre-existed. Even if it was not cracked when graded, cracks both visible and invisible are possible in the distribution process. Getting ...


Boiling any meat, period, before grilling results in lower flavor quality. Who cares if it's fall off the bone if it taste like cardboard? When you boil all the flavor is cooked off into the water. You could make some tasty rib soup afterwords but anything other than that is going to be low quality bbq. Do the right thing, low and slow, and you can have ...


I have never had a problem boiling potatoes regardless of what temp the water is in the beginning. Usually it's cold as when making mashers but like for stew, its already hot when adding potatoes and they're also fine in the end. Potatoes are generally very forgiving.

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