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Salt decreases the vapor pressure within the vessel of whatever you're trying to boil. Therefore more pressure is needed to overcome the atmospheric pressure and for your liquid to reach a boil.


I can see why it may be misinterpreted that adding salt makes it boil 'faster'. One thing that the salt WILL do is introduce a surface (on the salt crystal) that helps the dissolved air to release from the water (looks like tiny bubbles). It can lead people to think that this is starting to boil. When water is actually boiling it is because liquid water is ...


It would increase boiling speed by being a bubble nucleator. We are talking kinetics not thermodynamics. The slight boiling point elevation would make little difference.


There are two ways to thicken gravy: simmer down Requires time, patience and a wide pot to get a large surface area for optimum evaporation. Simmering down results in very concentrated flavours (including salt, so be careful with salting in the beginning). use a thickener This is often something starchy like flour or corn / potato starch that binds the ...

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