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I wouldn't mix the `eggs with other foods. The perfectly boiled egg is fully cooked with no grey on the exterior of the yolk. The flavor difference is significant. Cooking other foods with the eggs will not allow accuracy. Carefully place eggs in an empty pot. Cover eggs with cold water. Bring to a boil. Cover and turn off the heat. Set a timer for eight ...


Use your boiled eggs water to make your tea, gives great taste.


Add a little vinegar to keep rice from foaming over.


Erik P. is absolutely right, rinsing pasta is a bad idea, and many Italians consider it heresy. Rinsing removes the residual cooking water, which contains considerable flavor, nutrition and texture. This water is often used in recipes as the primary base for sauces. Rinsing also lowers the temp of the pasta. This will stop cooking in the pasta, but you will ...


Alternatively, I use a little bit of oil to coat the noodles and then stir it up. This way I can prepare or finish off whatever I am doing before I sauce the noodles. This method is also ideal if you are making an intricate noodle dish like ramen (real ramen, not instant) or pho where ingredients are layered or designed in specific ways that can take some ...

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