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As other mentioned; skipping the flour all together usaully results in something that is not a pancake. So it really depends on if you want 0 gluten/gi or just low GI. For low GI; you can do many recipes and typically replace 3/4ths of the flour with some other product. Have used; rolled oats, buckwheat, flax seed, rice flour, etc... Many of the red ...


You likely need to define 'egg pancake', because to me, it would seem that the ideal solution would be something without flour or sugar at all -- an omelette. And there are many other similar items that could also qualify, if you want more than just eggs in there -- if you add potato, you can make the Jewish latkes (aka, 'potato pancakes') or Spanish ...


Pancakes made with besan flour (garbanzo bean flour, Gram flour, chickpea flour) can be quite tasty even without adding an egg. For variety, you can add all sorts of crazy things to the basic flour/milk or water/salt recipe. The stuff can be hard to find. Usually Indian stores carry it.


It should be possible, yes. A traditional option will be to make buckwheat pancakes and not sweeten them. But note that buckwheat pancakes still have white flour, so you'll have to tweak somewhat. The problem is that all nonwheat flours lack gluten, so your pancakes will be prone to rising badly and falling apart. The easiest option is to add vital gluten ...

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