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Ok, I am very interested in trying the baking soda method and I will this weekend. I do the same thing as David to save time during my busy week by cooking them up on the weekend and peeling them ready to eat. As for storage I let them cool down fully, dry them and place them in a container and put them in the fridge. The next day I drain out any liquid ...


My favorite French toast is with Italian Bread, but not the kind with garlic--that does not sound good at all.


French Toast is just French toast because you are soaking it in egg and pan or griddle frying it. You can use white sandwich bread, Italian loaf, French baquette, wheat bread what ever. I think we evolved to this in the French toast category. I don't think the garlic would taste good with the sweet syrup. So yeah Weird. Personal taste though. If its not an ...

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