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No, you can't. Or at least, you won't get the result you're really looking for. Water needs to be able to move through the meat for the salt and flavorings to be transported to the inner cells of the meat. When the meat's frozen, you're dealing with ice crystals. ... that being said, you can thaw the meat in the brine if you're desperate, but you have ...


I get mine from the local butcher if you only need small amounts the local butcher may give or sell some of his curing salt


Yes, that's normal. You just left it WAY too long in the brine. The salt denatures (unwinds) the proteins, which is the same process that happens when the proteins are exposed to heat or acid. Over brining will cause the exterior of the meat to become gray and mushy. But you don't have to take my word for it:


For a brine, no it doesn't really matter, except that granulated sugar will dissolve more nicely than raw sugar. The sugar is for flavor more than anything else, though it does help the brine some. It also promotes browning of the meat. If you change one kind of sugar for another, I'd use a 1:1 swap by weight rather than volume so you don't have to worry ...

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