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It's not a big no-no, but it's a small no-no. Brining is not likely to make your turkey much more flavorful (at least not in a positive way), because it has most likely already been brined. We can be sure if you post label info. Additional brining is likely to make it over salty. Butterball brand is of this type, brining will do nothing but make it saltier. ...


Chances are most likely that it will be just fine. I suspect the brine process will "wash away" a lot of the butter stuff. I've worked in a meat shop before and the only concern I've ever heard expressed about them is dairy allergy, so do keep that in mind. Otherwise, I would (and have) just cook them as you are used to.


What happens if you brine something for a long time depends on the concentration of your brine, much like temperature affects what happens when you cook something for long. Thus, you can apply equilibrium brining and brine your meat for a longer time in a less concentrated solution. I haven't tried it, but according to linked source you'll get desired ...


It depends upon the strength of your brine, for boneless chicken breasts I recommend a 5% brine for 30 minutes to an hour. Ideally, salt for brining should be measured by weight, especially since volumetric measurements for the same weight of salt will vary depending upon the coarseness of the salt. A 5% salt solution means you should use 20 times by weight ...

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