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Soaking black beans or using canned black beans does remove some of the water soluble fiber, protein, vitamins,and minerals. As for the salt: I can't remember a recipe that doesn't call for some salt. If you rinse canned black beans you will probably remove 30% of the added salt. However, all losses are relatively minor. The advantages of rinsing generally ...


I think it's worth the money, but buy in bulk like from Costco or Wholesale. You can get a big block for about 20 bucks and it lasts a long time in the fridge. Parmesan is rich in glutamates, the stuff that gives us the umami or meaty savoury taste. That's why we like it so much. If you want to replace it, try replacing it with another cheese that was ...


oh goodness, never considered parmesan that way - but maybe another sharp Italian cheddar would be more to your liking? Try pecorino romano, or a sharp matured asiago or maybe an aged provolone if you can find a sharp one? I tend to think if you got a better quality parmesan like Reggiano or Padano you may like it? it can be expensive though.

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