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I don't know if you have made butter emulsions before, but they are quite temperature sensitive. It is like making a mayonnaise. The recipe doesn't describe it in so many words, but what you were supposed to do is to keep the ice cream base at a temperature above the melting point of butter, 50 Celsius would have been a good point. Then you'd need to have ...


I generally substitute about 1.5x whipped. No problems.


Looking at the ingredients in step 3, my guess is that the sour cream is causing the milk to curdle, possibly made worse by the heat from the melted butter. You might try experimenting with first mixing everything except the sour cream together, then letting it cool completely, and then slowly whisking in the sour cream. You might also try slowly heating ...


It wouldn't be bearnaise then. Can you make hollandaise with olive oil? It would taste so different that it wouldn't be hollandaise.


There is no way to rescue your frosting. It is not just a mixture of ingredients, it used to have a very complicated internal structure, which is now gone. You will have to start a new batch. I assume that the taste of the frosting hasn't changed much. It cannot be used for its original purpose, but you should be able to repurpose it in many ways, for ...


Butter serves multiple purposes. Butter does = flavor, particularly when the milk solids are caramelized. Butter is also used as an emulsifier. Butter + water or stock, can easily become a delicious sauce. An emulsifier is also the role it plays in your example of a chocolate sauce. It contributes to the smoothness of the chocolate sauce. Butter plays ...


All coconut milk separates out. When you buy it tinned, there is often a plug of coconut cream above a pocket of coconut milk. But it certainly should recombine. It may well have been too cold when you tried to stir it together - let it come to room temperature at least. If you warmed it up on the stove you'd find the two would melt together without any ...

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