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There's no 100% answer to that question, we cannot say certainly whether they will make people ill, however there's not a single person on this site who will recommend that you eat it, which is a good indication. Even if you are lucky enough that there aren't harmful pathogens in the butter it will taste awful, which is another good reason to chuck it and ...


Melting the butter and mixing it with milk or other liquid ingredients is almost always done as part of the muffin method, where a muffin, cake or quick bread batter is formed by mixing dry ingredients together, wet ingredients together, and then quickly combining the two. In practice, the butter is not going to mix with the milk. It is going to mostly ...


IMHO butter acts as a spacing agent. Maybe I'm not using the right term but essentially butter is the reason your baked good is nice and fluffy. It goes away in the baking process. You want the butter globules in your dough. Here's why: When the dough is heated in the oven, the butter evaporates or gets absorbed and leaves behind little air holes in the ...


I have never heard of butter in pizza.


As @saj12saj says, very few pizza recipes use butter. As for chain restaurants most publish their ingredients, so you can probably find that information on their websites. I'd be surprised though, most chains prefer to use butter substitutes to lower their costs.


Very, very few pizzas are made with butter. There is no way to make a universal statement, but butter is a rare. Olive oil would be more likely. Many pizza doughs are fat-free, including the traditional pizza di napoli; New York style generally contains olive oil. It is rare for any traditional toppings to contain butter. Some individual cooks might ...

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