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I am not a professional baker and am still learning but I bake almost every week. In my country ghee is a main ingredient in our houses, whether its made from clarifying butter at home or just buying it. I use ghee in all my bakes, even in making caramel sauce, brownies, cheesecakes or cookies. Just be careful what the recipe calls for. If it is cold cubes ...


Yogurt is made from milk which has a fat content of 3.5-4.0 % only. Cream has fat content of 30-35%. You cannot extract butter from 3.5% of fat in yoghurt. That is bogus!


According to this article, button mushrooms may turn a pink color if bruised while being stored or handled. This sounds very much like what has happened to you, as you've stated that the mushrooms were old and not stored properly. This is not poisonous or bad to eat by any means, but I understand that one would not want to take the risk, especially when it ...


It's really a matter of preference. Some people like the salty dimension that butter gives along with clotted cream and jam, others think the cream is enough saturated fat to be going on with.

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