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This is difficult without knowing what sort of oven you have but here are some basic notes that will help you get started. Many modern ovens will alert you to when they are at temperature. Every oven is different. My oven takes about 5 minutes to preheat but my dad's takes about 10. If your oven doesn't have an alert, - and, honestly, even if it does - ...


Some doughs melt when heated, esp high fat doughs which rely on eggs/protein hardening, starch drying/thickening, or similar effects, and not gluten for structure. And once the dough is molten, anything significantly lighter per cubic cm than itself will rise, anything significantly heavier will sink.


If you beat egg whites separately and egg yellow and sugar separately and followed by flour, I Am sure you will not get an egg smell in your cake. After beating both you have to combine both and fold. I find this is the best way.


As with most things, when adding ingredients to correct a problem, do a small test batch and slowly incorporate the ingredients until your desired consistency is achieved. After you've found a ratio that satisfies you, then mix up the whole batch. Here are my favorite add-ins for frosting thickness: Dairy Alternatives: Goat Cheese Strained sour cream ...


Cream Cheese. Whip in as much as you need to... It won't be perfect Le Cordon Bleu, but it will be pretty good. Bon Appetit


NO. Do not use metal in the microwave. It will spark due to the charged particles that start going crazy in the metal. General rule just like mom and dad said ... Don't do it. Get a ceramic bake pan. And remember microwave safe plastic does not mean food safe. Cooking in plastic is bad. Microwave safe means the plastic wont melt.... not that the plastic ...


Yes, that amount of cocoa will change the batter. It will make the cake drier. The more cocoa powder you add the more sugar and moisture you will need to prevent the cake from getting dry. I would take out a 1/4 cup of the almond flour and add a 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. If you feel you would like a little more go buy a tablespoon at a time after that.


I came here because I don't actually like the white cake. The texture is a bit different. After reading these great suggestions I found instructions on the box in small print. Betty Crocker mix says: add the whole egg and don't change anything else. I think I will do that. Thanks for all the suggestions..


There are a few things that can affect the rise of the layers. If you're baking multiple layers at once, even if your oven heats evenly, the cake on top will rise less than the one of the bottom. The problem is that the top will crust, preventing the top layer from rising as high as the one underneath which is shielded from the radiant heat. If you're ...

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