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Yes, they can be used for other dishes. I've never done it myself, so I cannot elaborate. I scanned the Amazon reviews for a panettone paper. I saw people had used them for sweet bread, muffins, some used it for cheesecake. I imagine the papers could be used for souffles and quiches. One Amazon reviewer mentioned you may need to increase the moisture in ...


German Apple Cake also responds like this. Must say that I've come to adore the crunchy top! :) But yes, you are right, it doesn't really happen if you bake it as a large cake. It's mostly just along the outer edge of the cake, in my case anyway. My reasoning is that cupcakes contain less batter per surface area exposed to the oven... I think the oven just ...


A Genoise/Genovese Cake can be made in various ways, you could try a more common french method: Whisking Egg Yolks with Sugar until "Ribbon Stage", Folding Meringue (Whisked Egg Whites and a little sugar to stiff peaks), Adding cool melted Butter and any other flavourings, Folding in sieved flour. An Angel food cake may have a similar method, but the ...


Guessing there was an accumulation of trapped air, either during the preparation of the batter/sponge cake mix, or when pouring into the pan/tin.

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