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It's a somewhat long shot, but if I were you, I'd give it a try again, using another form of vanilla (maybe precook a pod in the milk, then scrape out the seeds and add them), no corn syrup at all, and pay attention to using sweet butter, not cultured butter. Fudge is all about forming the right size crystals in the supersaturated sugar solution. From your ...


I've just had a go today. I only stirred until all the lumps of cornstarch lumps had gone, about 20 mins. It was getting very thick then! Note that the lemon juice with the sugar and the cream of tartar in the cornflour mix will convert some of the sugar to invert sugar, which is supposed to help reduce the growth and size of sugar crystals (I learnt about ...


Unless you cut some corners... no, it's that amount of time. Reason why I chose other deserts (or let other people do it for me xD). Try this one, it works is a slightly different way.

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