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Nearly any recipe can be canned, the only caveats are that lower-acidity foods and recipes require a specialized pressure canner to kill bacteria, and there is also a short list of ingredients which are never a good idea to can, but many people wouldn't think twice about adding/subbing into a recipe - fats, dairy and eggs shouldn't be in a canning recipe ...


Yes, the olives should be thrown out. They might look good and smell good but taste bad.


Short answer: Yes, throw it away. Long answer: Bubbling, fizzing, pressure etc. indicates some kind of microbiological activity that is unwanted for properly canned food - canning should eliminate these organisms. Any behaviour like the one you described indicates that something went wrong, so you can not assume the contents of the jar or can to be safe.


I freeze my plums. I just pit them, halve them, pack them into bags in usable portions, and freeze them. A certain number of them go into making compote or fruit spread, but as Mark A noted, the pruney flavor dies tend to come through then. Freezing does not produce that effect, so when I use plums from the freezer for cakes and the like, they have a fresh, ...

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