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This calls for a more refined answer then yes or no. (and this will no doubt generate some minus votes...but read me out). At the end of this answer you will find a YES, is you use your sauce reheated. How would you like to answer "is it safe to cross a road?". There is a risk of harm, so: no? That is the correct answer, but IMHO, not a usefull one.Nothing ...


In general (if it is about random sauce): Unless the sauce is so heavy in sugar (unlikely - 120°C would mean you are making a tomato syrup that will be as thick as honey when cool), oil or thickeners that it will reach pressure-canning temperatures when heated by an oven - NO. The cans are at ambient pressure, so any mixture in them that is dominated by ...


No, it is not safe. You need a pressure canner. That's what the USDA says about anything containing meat: There are no safe options for canning these foods listed below in a boiling water canner. See for a table of pressures and processing times.


It works best if you use the tuna first and make a salad which you can store, but what I do and it works very well is to find a bowl that is almost exactly the right size for the amount of tuna, but still large enough for there to be just a touch less tuna than the bowl can hold. Then cover the tuna with plastic wrap and push the wrap down onto the tuna so ...


At the very least, transfer to a food storage container (smallest possible) and cover...for more than a day or two, Ziploc bag, with as much air removed as possible (use water displacement method)...or vacuum seal.

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