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You didn't "can" anything this time, either. You made "Lemon-kraut" ( a salt-fermented "cure" only with lemons, not cabbage) - Gas is perfectly normal. If you HAD "canned" it, bubbles would be bad. There, you're sterilizing (or trying to) the food with high heat and vacuum sealing it. It should remain pretty much as canned, and there should be a vacuum seal ...


This is totally not a problem. This style of lemon preservation relies on fermentation. The salt is not intended to halt all fermentation- it just restricts it to the tasty kind. Fermented pickles are a common and traditional way to preserve food because the salt and acid and thriving tasty bacteria make a very inhospitable environment for bad bugs. The ...


This sounds to me like a wild fermentation. Yeast will happily consume the sugars in your jar and create carbon dioxide (the gas you noted) and perhaps some ethanol and various flavor esters. This in itself isn't necessarily a problem, but where yeast can thrive so can many other organisms. The key to avoiding this in the future is to make sure ...


It's probably fermentation, and as that requires microbial activity it's a sign your food has not been preserved. Unless the recipe specifically says this is expected and desired I would not eat it.

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