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The magic is from Sodium Citrate Most mass produced cheese it based on "cheddar blends". Basically large (50 Kg to 1 Mg) blocks of cheese are made in a milk factory. When a consumer product is to be made from it, the cheddar is shredded, flavour and/or culture is added, and then using heat and pressure it is re-packed into consumer sized packages In some ...


I cut it off also. Don't tell your friends you do it. I have heard you can freeze some cheeses, but I think it looses flavor with freezing. flavor is after all why you buy and eat cheese. have more cheese tasting parties.


I had the same problem and bought a pH meter at which point I discovered my milk didn't have enough acid so I added 2 t citric acid and problem solved. The milk should get thick like cream prior to putting in rennet. pH should be around 5.2.


Well I don't really know what that thing is called but I'm pretty sure it cuts the cheese way better then the other side


For one nondairy option you can use a puree of cooked garbanzo beans (chickpeas), lemon juice, salt, a bit of cornstarch, and garlic if desired. I like this for lasagnas as it doesn't overpower the dish with a cheesy flavor and lets the vegetable flavors really come through. Another option is to soak cashews for a few hours, then puree them with lemon ...


Cream Cheese is a great substitute. I have a friend with similar distaste to cottage cheese so we just use cream cheese, cheddar and mozzarella.


If you're happy with the flavour and texture except for the sliding, it could mostly be a question of Physics -- that is, the shape of the pizza tends to allow it to droop, and therefore the toppings can fall off. If you hold the pizza appropriately, this should be reduced to some extent. This is a great video about the math behind this idea: ...

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