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There are a couple variations that if you're lucky might be cheaper: Beaufort and Comté. (I've only actually tried Comté, but I've seen Beaufort listed along with it and Gruyère.) A bit farther away are Emmentaler and Jarlsberg. They both have the Swiss cheese flavor but aren't quite as firm nicely aged. Beyond that there's simply all the varieties of ...


I actually asked El Toro once about their recipe, and they said it starts with White American cheese, which I could never find until recently. I bought some, and melted it in the microwave with jalapenos. It is delicious and has that wonderful flavor. Just not the right consistency. I'm working on it though. Tried it with a little added water tonight, ...


As cheddar ages it naturally dries out more and becomes crumbly. Most traditional hard cheeses show this sort of texture change.


The quality of cheddar is largely dependant on the skill and effort shown in the aging process. This means providing a suitable environment for the lactose bacteria to flourish. Remember it is the bacteria that coverts the lactose into lactic acid that is the crux of the matter. That is the main source of flavour. Somewhat cool and somewhat humid. I would ...

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