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There is no requirement for specific gloves so far as I know. Gloves themselves aren't actually even necessary. They do however keep your hands clean, and they keep any nasties that could be on your hands or arms out of the cheese. When I make mozz for my family I usually just use my clean bare hands. If I was making to sell I'd most likely use food service ...


Smear butter to prevent drying. I have also experimented freezing parmesan. It does dry out a bit but still could be used in hot dishes like pasta.


Put it in a jar with a piece of bread...works every time and its lasts a long time.


I've been boiling spoiled milk, separating the sponge like solids and eating them all my life. I find them delicious, and never experienced any adverse effects. I expect it does depend on the way the milk got spoiled. I often add a bit of yogurt to the milk when I suspect it may be a bit off, then let the yogurt bacteria breed in it for a while before ...


the cheese curdled---cook on lower setting about 50% and stir more often!!!


Quark doesn't melt at all. What you can do is to stir it into the sauce. From there on, it depends on the version you have available. I haven't seen the Polish one. If it is firm and crumbly like some of the quarks I've had, it will remain that way in the sauce, and you will have a grainy texture. The German type is similar to yogurt in texture, and it ...


I know you are worried about the flavor being bland, but have you tried mixing the aged, dry cheese with one that will melt better? The flavor of a good, mature cheese goes a long way, so I don't think you will notice a loss of flavor... Find a flavorful, relatively young, melty cheese, experiment with the proportions, and give it another try.

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