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The problem is that you're using a lid. Spatter screens keep the oil mostly contained, while still allowing any moisture to escape. A lid, on the other hand, collects the moisture on the underside of the lid. When you go to lift it, the water drops back into the oil, and causes increased spattering. You're actually better off without a lid, if you don't ...


I've skimmed the other answers and I'm not seeing what I think is one of the most important tips for trying to pound out chicken breasts: temperature. Cold chicken simply refuses to play nice. Seriously. The difference between pounding out breasts fresh from the fridge and working with chicken that has been allowed to come up to temperature is night and ...


Plastic bags from cereal boxes work well; they do not shred even with a mallet.


What you have done is fine. Not only are you not facing a safety issue, but because you didn't allow the piece that was to be refrozen to completely thaw, you're unlikely to even face the quality issues that refreezing poultry often sees. (Refreezing poultry tends to play a bit of havoc with the texture) One small thing...our grandmothers rinsed chicken. It ...

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