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I suggest massaging the meat with flour and letting it absorb it for some time, that is, until the flour absorbs moisture from the meat and changes color from white to yellow-ish, and becomes sticky. This should allow the meat to retain some of the water while cooking.


Most chicken breasts sold (at least the of the cheaper variety) that I have seen, say something about being infused with up to 15% chicken broth. My guess is that most of the water you are seeing is the added chicken broth. So look at the packaging of the chicken breasts before you buy them. Most of the high quality chicken sold that I have seen do not say ...


Moisture-release is not a result of the cooking process but of the quality of the chicken. Try the following experiment: keep one chicken in your garden and feed it scraps for an entire spring/summer. Butcher it yourself by cutting off its head, keeping it still for another minute (headless chickens do "walk"), hang it upside down for about an hour to ...


If it's within it's use by date and hasn't been out of the fridge for more than 2 hours since you bought it, then yes, it should be fine. Cover it well.

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