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I freeze the soup meat and use it in chicken salad or casserole dishes where the sauce flavor is expected to be stronger than the chicken flavor


Fry/roast it, use spices and other ingredients copiously. It's bland but perfectly edible and roasting will restore (or more accurately, create from scratch, apart from the original) a good bit of the flavor.


The meat is definitely worth saving. It will probably be a little more bland in flavor, but it's still perfectly good to eat. In case you're interested, I have a recipe for a super flavorful chicken salad on my blog: http://whatsinseasonwithdes.com/crispy-chicken-salad-sandwich/. Best of luck with your chicken!


I've served the chicken from making chicken soup, as did my grandmother, but it's generally fairly flavorless after the long cooking. The blandness was exactly why boiled chicken was the usual pre-fast meal for Yom Kippur in my grandmother's house. I'll often use the bottom quarters, supplemented with additional necks and backs, to make the broth, reserving ...


It's coagulated protein and particulates from the bones. Nothing to worry about. If you want crystal clear broth, you can make a consomme with a raft of egg whites (though usually ground meat is also used). Any classic French cookbook will have instructions for this; I refer to Julia Child's The Way to Cook.


Could be a lot of things, depending on how clean the bones were, but assuming everything was clean, then my guess would be bone marrow. It's exactly that color and texture: (Source: My Life As A Foodie) It gets darker when cooked - refer to the link above for more photos. Don't worry about safety, bone marrow is nutritious and delicious. You're more ...

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