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There are many dishes where chicken and rice are cooked mixed together in the same pot. Look at Arroz con Pollo for example, it's an easy classic and there are loads of recipes. There's also some types of Biryani, Jambalaya, and other traditional recipes from across the world that would work. Chicken pieces and rice cook in about the same time as you say, ...


As some of the commenters have noted, this just might not be possible. Water is the enemy of crispy, and unfortunately for your chicken skin braising is all about moist heat. I would try searing the skin before braising, if you don't already, in order to get some of the fat rendered out and the Maillard reaction on it's way. Braise as you would, but remove ...


To a first approximation, heat exchange occurs on the surface of an object, and then the heat must conduct through the object. So, again, continuing the approximation, the time for something to heat (or cool) completely depends on how thick it is. Other things that matter a good deal are: the temperature difference (the colder your fridge, the longer it'll ...


Those are the kidneys. I just finished butchering eight chickens yesterday. They look exactly like a little kidney bean (lol). I don't believe they will hurt you, after all people eat beef kidneys, kidney pie, etc. kidneys are usually removed along with everything else. They can be easily popped out with your finger.

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