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Refrigeration! They should be cooled to refrigeration temperature as soon as possible after pick up. You can do this in a cooler with ice, if you don't have a refrigerator. A portable cooler will allow you to take the dinners home on the bus.


Safe? Yes, of course. Wise? Probably not. When you thaw the chicken, the surface of the meat will get wet, from both condensation and thawing ice chystals. Yes, proper handling minimizes this, but it can't be entirely avoided. So when you dry off the meat before battering (which you will want to do to make the batter stick), you will probably wipe off the ...


I think you should be much more concerned about what happened after you turned on the heating element. It's likely that a heavy ceramic liner crock pot fresh out of a (properly kept) refrigerator would keep contained food out of the danger zone for a couple hours. But once cooking begins, that's a wide temperature range to cross - you have to make it from ...


Unfortunately the nutritional values given on packages aren't accurate enough for it to make a difference whether you eat chicken to the bone. Compliance testing in the United States and Canada only requires that an average of a certain number of servings be within 20% of the stated number. Individual servings can vary even more and still be in compliance, ...


If it's within it's use by date and hasn't been out of the fridge for more than 2 hours since you bought it, then yes, it should be fine. Cover it well.


I have a different take on this because I sometimes season chicken pieces before freezing them and I have good result with well seasoned, juicy meat. First, let me say that this practice is safe. Next, people choose their method of seasoning based on their personal preferences or a certain result they want to achieve. Different methods could be sprinkling ...


This sounds as if you have only cooked in non-stick pans before. They are very forgiving, and you can throw any food at any temperature into them. On a stainless steel pan, you have to cook it at the proper temperature, using the proper technique, so it does not stick. For a wok, this is a piping hot temperature, enough oil (not just wiping it), and moving ...


I freeze the soup meat and use it in chicken salad or casserole dishes where the sauce flavor is expected to be stronger than the chicken flavor


I have discovered that making a paste of butter, salt, pepper and herbs, and rubbing it under the meat, make the meat more flavorful. You separate the skin from the meat by working your hand under the skin where the breast meets the opening of the cavity. Do one side at a time, and be gentle as the skin tears easily. work you fingers over the breast ...

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