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The chicken stay moist because it cooks quickly (very high temperature); it does not have the time to dry out. I would imagine that the cook time must be controlled because it can over-cook very quickly. The yogurt marinade will impart some flavor and help tenderize the meat.


When cooked correctly, the texture of chicken is tender and juicy. When overcooked, chicken becomes dry and stringy. The regular chicken you get at the supermarket doesn't have any distinctive smell or taste by itself, and it really depends on what you add to flavor the chicken.


The coolest part of your bird should be 160-165F when you pull it out of the heat. I understand nervousness with food borne illnesses, but the best way to keep a bird tender and juicy is to bring it right to the edge of done. I recommend smoking until you get to 140-145 then put it in a 350-400 oven to bring it to 165 and crisp up the skin. You will want a ...

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