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Short answer use convection. Use a small fan beside the cheesecake in the refrigerator blowing horizontally over it(covered of course). This will result in the cool air pulling the heat away from the cheesecake. It should decrease the cooling time by roughly 30-40% or by about 4 hours on a 12-hour chill time.


A few cycles each in the fridge and freezer might help, if you're careful, and lucky. You should probably still have a back-up plan, if it doesn't work. and be prepared to keep the cheesecake for yourself if it doesn't end up quite right. You will want to avoid freezing the cheesecake - as Ammnar Naseer said, that can affect the texture negatively because ...


Don't freeze it. I tried that. The ice crystals that form at the lower temperature make the cheesecake texture awful and can cause cracks. However, people will eat warm cheesecake so just chill it in fridge for whatever amount of time you do have.


I wouldn't freeze it, especially if you're planning to serve it at a party (and thus wouldn't want to risk a failed experiment). Likely, the outside of the cheesecake would freeze but the center would remain warm. If you haven't made the cheesecake yet, you could try making small individual-sized cheesecakes (in muffin tins, perhaps). If it's already been ...

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