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For those interested I googled images of the dishes Cindy mentioned and tried to match the description. This is what I found: First Celery, Second Baby Cabbage.


With much searching, I'm pretty sure that I found the two appetizers. They are both cold dish. The names are Mountain Celery in Hot and Sour Sauce and Baby Cabbage in Sauce Thanks to anyone who spent time looking. These are really great appetizers. Update: We made both recipes last evening. Both are absolutely delicious and the flavors I remember. We ...


The word "Laab" mean good luck and good fortune in Lao language. You will see this dish served in Lao wedding and other celebrations for good luck. It's Lao national dish eating along with sticky rice (glutinous rice) or without rice. You can wrap in with either cabbage or lettuce of your choice.


Next time get the really really small ones. Those are best raw. The bigger ones usually are fried first before eating. Then the bones get crunchy and the saltiness is not as prominent. Others are used for stocks or garnishes, as said before.

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