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There are two things to keep in mind while melting chocolate: Keep a low uniform heat I start off the melting process with low to medium heat. Once the chocolate fully melts, I reduce the heat to low and keep gently stirring all the while. If you allow the chocolate to cool, it separates out into non-uniform areas of heat, and the cooler pockets start ...


I'm not sure what op was looking for, but I often mix (low-ish grade)olive oil with balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing. That could look dark chocolate like. Oil does not always blend or emulsify well, so this might be a challenge, it would all depend on the use for the ops chocolate looking oil.


I'm thinking about trying this method so it's not tried and true. However, I have an injector that I use for putting Cajun spices into a fried turkey. I'm thinking about loading up the injector with something like a hot fudge sauce and randomly putting swirls into the semi-soft ice cream, right after it has finished churning. The idea is similar to the ...


I have tried chocolate cheese. It is Awesome! We bought it in Frankenmuth MI

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