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My best guess is that the chocolate was too hot. It may have worked on your test because it was small and thin, and therefore cooled quickly. In the larger molds, it stayed too warm and you got the wrong kind of crystals from the cocoa butter. You want the keep the chocolate as close to 88 °F (~ 32 °C) as you can get. What I typically do is microwave 3/4 ...


I make my own hot chocolate milk this way: Heat up whole milk on the stove (keep below boiling point) Slowly add the darkest chocolate you can find (70-90% cocoa works best) until you get the taste you want. (I use about 50g per cup) Stir with a beater Optional: add a spoon of honey per cup of milk add a knife point of cinnamon add a gulp of dark rum ...


Chocolate milk is frequently made with either chocolate syrup (which has no fat) or a powdered mix of cocoa powder and sugar (which has almost no fat) for precisely this reason. You can make it with chocolate by sprinkling very finely grated chocolate into hot milk, but you still run the risk of the fat separating.


Cornstarch approach linked by @max is one way. I've recently become a fan of Sweetened Condensed Milk. It is a great ingredient with many uses. One very good use is Hot Chocolate. a highly rated recipe using cocoa here's one using melted chocolate There are many variations on the internet. They all look pretty simple. And tasty.


(a quick google) I'd do it in a small sauce pan with good quality dark chocolate and semi-fat milk (3,25% or 2% ) or whole milk. I've never seen the chocolate split like you observe, maybe the chocolate is not good, or it is by using milk chocolate ? There are some recipes that will add a little bit of cornstarch to stabilize the mixture. ...


This is going to sound rather unorthodox, but whipping chilled instant chocolate pudding will make a nice mousse substitute. I can't call it mousse really, but you honestly can't tell the difference unless you are taste testing side by side with one made from fresh shaved chocolate. Obviously the real mousse will be much richer when tasted side by side, but ...


Silken tofu mousse recipes couldn't be easier. Yes, can get it quite light. Maybe not as aerated as with egg or gelatin but without the off flavors of either

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