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Recipe requests are off-topic but I can solve your problem nonetheless: After Eights are filled with soft fondant, which is sugar, often glucose syrup and water boiled to the soft ball stage, then whiped. If you google "poured fondant" you should find enough recipes online.


Roasting the brown cacao power turns it dark and destroys many of its nutrients. Raw cacao after being fermented and dried is the best form and retains the nutrients that are desirable for this super food.


DONT USE THICKENERS. Yikes. If you make it on pure chocolate it will be thicker. Just choclate and milk. Full fat of course. If you want it even thicker cream and milk mix.


Perhaps try coconut milk? Makes for a fairly stable dairy-free ganache that holds at room temperature!! Just make sure you don't break your chocolate with too much heat :) I usually go with a double boiler.

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