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You actually would want your cookie dough to be less firm, that way when they are baking they spread out. Whenever they are done baking, you can hit the pan (carefully) against a counter top and it will give them a more wrinkled look.


1 Table spoon of Milk and 1 Table spoon sour cream to a half a jar (13 oz) of Nutella. It will not weaken the chocolate flavor, it actually enhances the flavor. Delicious!


Okay the best way to melt smores on campfire is simple. Years ago we would make campfire pies over the hot coals well this works great. place aluminum foil on inside so does not mess up your iron, lay graham crackers and choc precook your marshmallow and place on choc close up place back in coals for just a few min to warm up choc and you have best smores ...


You could make a ganache type filling if you used water, cocoa powder,chocolate chips, butter, and icing sugar. Adding all but the chocolate chips in a saucepan will create a chocolate like sauce. Thick and with body. Once everything has melted,and blended smoothly together, you add the chocolate chips with the heat off. let the residual heat melt them the ...


I have found that using a packet of instant chocolate pudding and mixing it with heavy whipping cream instead of milk...and instead of making the pudding and folding in whipped topping. You need a little more whipping cream than the milk that the directions call for or it is really thick. Its a very simple and very quick substitute!


Why not use a mixture of white chocolate and milk chocolate? Sure, the taste will be less like that of chocolate and more like that of white chocolate, but something has to give...


Another possibility is to marble the cake, part with the correct flavors (and dark color), and part with the desired caramel color.


Much like vanilla or peppermint extract, there are chocolate extracts that will add chocolate flavor but little or no color. They don't generally taste quite right but if you absolutely must have a caramel-colored chocolate cake, it may be your only option. You can even make your own if you can't get it locally. I have not personally tried the linked product ...


What you are asking for is physically impossible. There is a reason why the color system when working with physical dyes (as opposed to colored light) is called additive. You cannot take out a color which is already there. When we are talking about a cake, cocoa powder or pure chocolate can be considered a pigment, and Guiness a pre-dyed liquid. The ...

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