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Dutch processed cocoa is "washed" with a potassium carbonate solution to neutralize the acidity to a pH of 7. While it does give cocoa a richer hue, the color can range quite a bit from a light reddish brown to a dark brown. Color is less an indicator than the label on the product. The process is used to provide a more mellow flavor.


You certainly could brew a drink from pure cocoa powder. It'll be pretty bitter, though; if you don't like unsweetened chocolate you might not like it much, though. So you'll most likely end up adding dairy and sugar, and ending up with hot cocoa. It won't ever be exactly the same process though. In both cases there's a lot of processing of the beans, and ...


There are two types of unsweetened cocoa used in various chocolate recipes: natural cocoa and Dutch processed cocoa. Natural Cocoa is made from ground roasted cocoa nibs from which most of the cocoa butter have been extracted. It is naturally acidic with a pH of about 5.4 and is beige in color. Dutch processed cocoa is further treated with an alkalizing ...

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