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I just had the problem of needing coconut milk to mix in with my Thai Kitchen red paste curry. I tried a substitute and it was terrific, taste and texture. I was experimenting so... Poured some Blue Diamond nonsweetened vanilla almond milk (all I had) into wok. Added paste. Added a little almond meal to try and thicken it. Added zucchini and mushrooms. ...


Yes it is :) When I was a kid , we used to have fresh tender coconut from our tress and after drinking the water , we used to cut open the coconut and have the coconut. Like wise its even the same with the coconut in store. But since they are packaged and handle my many, just rinse it before eating .


IMO, stated again, IMO... It is an old research paper (1967) about mostly transformed (grated and dried) coconut. A quick googling does not really give more warnings for whole coconuts (FDA or other sources). Like all things "exotic", wash the exterior under clean water before opening and use properly clean knives and other kitchen tools. Enjoy the ...

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