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Short version: Effective July 16, 2016 in the US, the official serving size of a cup of coffee is 12 ounces. Long version: For purposes of nutritional labeling, the US Food and Drug Administration has set "Reference amounts customarily consumed (RACC) per eating occasion" for common foods. The official reference amount for a sweetened cup of coffee ...


having instant coffee, or camp (chicory) coffee made with hot milk is the only way to serve it! Loads of regional variations on what it's called, I just know it as a coffee made with milk! It won't split the milk, and if you have 1 spoon of coffee when made with water, add at least half a spoon again when making it with milk to give a rich, smooth flavour.


Coffee beans contain gases, which causes coffee to float. Fresh coffee contains more gases compared to an older (aged) coffee. coffee tastes best between 4 - 14 days off roast, varies depending on roast profiles Specialty coffee shops usually have a roast date on their retail bags On a coarse grind setting each particle hold more gases compared to a ...

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