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I've had this discussion on more than one occasion with my mother. All else being equal, our experience has been to get a coffee maker optimal to the size of pots you will be brewing. By getting a maker too large, the grounds will not receive the hot water in the rate or pattern that is intended for that size. Having a basket of grounds filled only ...


Not research, but here's my personal experience. I cold brew my coffee with just normal mason jars (not Toddy), the general suggested steep time is 12 hours. You can increase it to up to 24 hours depending on the strength you like your cup of coffee. 1 or 2 hours would be too short to extract the full body of flavors in my opinion if you were using the ...


Yes, unfortunately, I have not encountered a grinder that can grind the coffee beans fine enough for Turkish coffee. It is perhaps more accurate to call it "to pound" instead of "to grind" when it comes to Turkish coffee. I think the best device for it is a mortar, a hand mill could als work.


Kopi luwak is supposed to be smooth, earthy and less bitter compared to regular coffee. According to this blog the enzymes in the civet cat's stomach break down the protein in the coffee that is supposed to be responsible for the bitterness in the coffee. Though some coffee drinkers suggest that it tastes like instant coffee!!

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