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I believe so. Technically you can use the hood of your car. Rosting coffee (and nuts) is about the heat, not the material. Just keep the heat gentle, give it its 15 minutes or so and don't "french roast" is to death. And tell how it came out.


This is just my opinion as a coffee roaster. Sourness comes from the type of coffee. Brew technique can alter only slight of the sourness, however right roast technique can transform from sourness into more rich mouthfull body. Just as Leon mentioned earlier. That is why roasting coffee is difficult and there are different technique to deal with differen ...


I solved this finally! A mason jar with a screw on lid does the trick nicely. I expect the glass will break eventually, but they're cheap and easily replaceable.


Well with a very simple answer, because you don't really drink the stuff with calories. If you get your coffee from the coffee machine, that black stuff is left in the machine, if you do it yourself, you don't drink that stuff, but just drink the liquid, which doesn't have too much calories, so all the remaining stuff with calories gets thrown away to your ...


Remember that calories are basically how much energy you can get by burning stuff. If you try to evaporate a cup of coffee, you will only have a small amount of dark brown residue left. If you didn't use a filter, you'll have more residue. People usually don't drink up the ground coffee in their cups, so for the purpose of counting how much burnable material ...


Coffee is not 0 calories. However most coffee is less than 5 calories per serving (1 cup) therefore according to US packaging regulations can be rounded to 0.


Flatly, the calories are in the filter: in the grounds that you dump on your compost. In the water that went through the grounds, there are mostly aromatic substances and traces of coffee oils, few enough that a cup of coffee has (rounded) 0 calories. The caloric values given for coffee beans are valid if eaten - which is rarely done in significant amounts ...

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