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I find that milk from grass-fed cow does not froth. Don't know why, but that is the case with several brands. Very disappointing.


For brewed coffee…after 6hrs there will be half as much caffeine in your cuppa. After another 6hrs, there will be half of that and so on. At least that's the story that I heard. Whole coffee beens store longer than ground beans so I imagine freshly ground coffee will contain more caffeine than ground or instant coffee brands.


usually roasts for filter coffe are less darker then for espresso. darker roasts tend to have less acid, but it depends on the coffe beans used and the conditioning of the beans in the country of origin. a different approch is found here http://www.wolfredo.de/wordpress/ the idea is to roast coffee the "best way possible" and change parameters while brewing. ...


I don't think you'd need to increase the proportion. You could, but I'd probably advise against it mostly because of sobriety concerns. It's much easier to over-serve someone with a more potent cocktail than it is a milder one - especially after the first couple. This is kind of an interesting method, and I think the key to success is the gentle heating ...


I believe that the process that you use in brewing and storing your coffee can make a difference. I have a coffee maker that you load with whole bean coffee and clear, cold water. Press a button and the coffee is ground and water drips through it and a filter into a vacuum bottle type container. It stays warm for hours, and when it is no longer hot enough ...


I have bought glass moka pots from Home Sense. It's great: I can leave my second cup in it and taste is the same as the first one.


I don't think that freshly ground coffee tastes better than pre-ground coffee of the same age? Personally, I cannot tell the difference. So, from my point of view, it's not important at all.

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