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Home espresso machines in that price range are hopeless. Especially if you want to steam milk. They are not powerful enough. You've been sold a $200 lie. La Marzocco is making two home machines but are for the high end market at 20-40 times the price of your machine. Really high end. You're likely better off going the Italian home coffee way and buying a ...


My gift to you. Use a martini shaker. Measure your chocolate sauce into the martini shaker cup. Add hot brewed espresso or fresh brewed double strength coffee. Let this rest for 15 seconds. Then, add good amount of ice, cover and shake for about 30 seconds. Add ice to a serving glass and pour the mocha from the martini shaker over ice. Top with milk and ...


This is "kampung coffee", or "kopi-o". The linked site says that it is roasted with margarine and sugar.


The difference in both the variation in ratios and the variation in "cup" meaning which other answers here note, is the Atlantic Ocean. 2 tbsp per 6 oz of water is Americano (relatively weak). 2 tbsp per 4 oz of water is European (stronger, because it's the same coffee in a smaller cup). (Some places in the Caribbean seemed to use even higher ratios, ...


Take a look at this link from Coffee Chemistry, it's not a standard, per se, but it provides useful information. Table from article:


Use a med-roast espresso blend and brew it using a Moka pot (stovetop espresso maker). You're going to buy expensive ingredients for this dessert. Don't skimp on the coffee, it is by far the most aggressive flavor in the dish.


This does depend substantially on your standards: how sensitive are you to subtle flavors? It also depends on the exact recipe: how much coffee liqueur, how much cocoa powder, and so on. The difference between instant and real espresso is pretty large, enough that I'd expect the nice flavor notes of real espresso to come through. And you'll certainly notice ...

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