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Don't ever freeze beans. Quality will be compromised and flavours destroyed upon freezing. Better idea is to put freshly ground coffee into pre sized packages. Use as needed.


This is actually the Turkish method for making coffee, or a variant of it. Coffee grounds, cold water and sugar are brought just to a boil several times before being poured into small cups. For this method one typically uses the finest possible grind of coffee. The sand is used to control heat. The pots (called cezve) on top of the sand keep warm, and when ...


IF this is the machine you have, we're using the same. Overdosing is the most likely cause. Please try to adjust the weight of your coffee dose. We've found that 20-21 grams is still OK for the double-shot.


tl;dr answer is no. More detailed discussion at https://www.reddit.com/r/Coffee/comments/39t5k2/ive_stopped_doing_blooms_for_now/ Yes, dampening grounds may improve diffusion. But it's irrelevant for French Press because the water just sits and soaks in the coffee anyway. Improving diffusion might have a tangible effect for a pour over due to the water ...

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