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Thanks rumtscho. I wasn't sure if I should post as an answer or an edit. I've edited to remove answer and place here. Update: I ended up making two brownies. One 8X8 pan with 6 bags of mint tea stirred into it. It gave off a very earthy (and minty) smell and has a very earthy/herby taste (and minty too). I doubt I'll make the mint ones again. The ...


I'd suggest colouring white chocolate green. Melt it and add green food colouring, then cool again and break it into chips. Add to the brownies and you should get the desired effect of brownies flecked with green. If you want to add an extra flavour you could add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to the chocolate too.


Removed additional commentary out of an abundance of caution and respect, based on comment above. I'd try dried and chopped mint in blondies (e.g., KAF recipe), which might taste and look good. Fresh mint might be too stringy.

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