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I own a business that services industrial ovens and Furnaces. and have been doing this for 0ver 30 years Your basic "home"oven is a true convection oven as was pointed above. The fan assisted oven (AKA mechanical convection oven) has airflow that increases the temperature accuracy up to 5-10 degrees in some instances as well as supplying greater ...


There is one large con which probably does not affect all brands. I have frequently heard of combos which have a mode which is labeled as "convection only" but they do not turn the microwave off. The results are clearly like microwaved food, and thus they are unsuitable for baking. I cannot tell you the exact brands and models which have this problem, but ...


Well all you need to do is bake on a lower stand which is given with microwave as it will cook it from the bottom as well as wont burn the top..


I've baked bread in a convection microwave with some succes. It's a far cry from what you can achieve with a good electric oven, but you can get some decent results. Certainly a poor to average microwave-sized electric oven will perform about the same as a decent convection microwave combination. Just remember to turn the microwave funtion off entirely. I ...

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