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According to the blog Fox in the Kitchen, 1 cup of glutinous rice flour weighs 204 grams, or .45 lbs. So 1 pound would be 2.22 cups. FYI, 204 grams/cup meshes exactly with what Bob's Red Mill says on its nutrition label for glutinous rice flour. So perfectly, as a matter of fact, that I wonder if that's where the blog listed above got it.


Around 2.5 - 3 cups (2.8 exactly) but I doubt exactness is necessary for your recipe if your willing to guess by volume. May I suggest investing in some scales they will only set you back £14 for some bog' standard ones which will work just fine for home use.


I just made a brownie box mix according to directions. I baked them at 325 degrees in a dark non stick mini muffin pan with each section given a spritz of PAM. Baked for 15 minutes, no extra fuss. Upon removal from oven I let them sit about 1-2 minutes, turned the pan upside down and they slipped out easily. Brownies were moist - PERFECT!

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