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Hi i have the same problem and the only way to cut this smell is by adding lemon and orange zest to the batter. Also you can try a table spoon of whiskey or cognac.


My great-grandmother's apple pie recipe used a sugar-cookie dough for the crust. It's very doable.


I have found that lowering the temperature creates a flatter cookie as well. I once used a recipe that called for the temperature to be at 325 F, but would result in flat cookies. The cookies would raise in the oven, but when you took them out they would deflate and become flat. However, when I raised the temperature to 375F the cookies would retain their ...


Spray pie plate, slice cookie dough about 1/2 inch, place on bottom and around sides just till toudhing, let soften, then press all together. Can anyone tell at what temperature to bake and for how long? All I remember is don't bake for too long till dough is crunchy.


Baking powder instead of baking soda could certainly cause that dome. Baking soda requires an acid to leaven, baking powder has that acid included. Cookies don't have a lot of acid on their own so baking soda doesn't cause them to rise much. The baking soda is in a recipe like that to help with browning by altering the PH, soda makes the dough more ...

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