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I made chocolate chunk cookies with whole wheat flour, sifted whole wheat flour and all purpose flour. The picture didn't come out good, the cookies were thicker and lighter in color than what they look like here. The cookie with whole wheat flour was denser and barely spread out while baking. It also had a very different "whole wheat" taste. The one ...


As @rumtscho says, whole-meal flour is going to behave differently in many ways -- hydration, handling, mouthfeel... That said, certain preparations of baked goods will tend to hold up better to these properties of whole-grain or coarse-grained flours -- often this amounts to more sugar and fat! Though you're not asking for a recipe, my response is... make ...


Whole wheat flour behaves very differently from all purpose flour. Sifting will help, but you will still have lots of bran and protein left. It's not recommended to use pure whole wheat flour for baking, except where you want the effect (as in pumpernickel, for example). You'll get cookies which will be rather tough, moist and will seem underbaked (but no ...


Cover your hands with plastic gloves (food safe). Hands are warm and heat the dough quickly making it difficult to keep the desired round shape.

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