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Brown the lamb on the stove top, or high temp oven. Then, braise rather than roasting. That means 2/3-3/4 of the pan is filled with liquid after you put the lamb in first. For flavorful liquids, consider beef, chicken or veg stock. In Malaysia I see a lot of grape juice substitutions for wine in traditional Italian recipes that call for braising. But I would ...


You mention stir fries, and the stir-fry portion is fine for fast cooking, but the rice that it's typically served with is not. You can get around this issue by either using rice noodles or ramen as a starch: rice noodles : Add water to your wok while pre-heating it; pour the hot water over the rice noodles, then finish heating your wok and cook the stir ...


From my own personal experience, the following are easily made with only a stove top and proper utensils: Stir fried rice (you can boil the rice, and then fry). Boiling takes minimal time. I'm not sure if this is specifically what you meant with stir-fry, but I thought I would add it here. Grilled meats (easily cooked on a pan with some olive oil or other ...


Thomas Keller's cookbook "Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide" recommends 1:30 @ 85C for beef or duck fat, 1:00 @ 85C for marrow fat, and 0:45 @ 85C for foie gras fat.

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