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Sorry for the late answer. I would say that you did NOT use the wrong potato. In my experience russet potatoes end up MUCH softer than waxy or yellow potatoes, after cooking. That's the reason I only use russets when making mashed potatoes. I ran into a similar situation not too long ago. In this case I was using a mixture of russets and yellow potatoes, ...


From experience, I know that the longer you smoke anything, the better smoke flavour you will get. Personally, I inject my meat first. The next thing is to maintain a temperature between 200°F & 250°F. I always check my wood and baste every half hour. I add coals every hour as needed. With poultry, I remove it from the smoker while it is still a little ...


A range (also knows as cooker in some places) is a free-standing kitchen appliance with a cooktop (hob) on the top and an oven below. The oven sounds like a conventional gas oven and not a fan assisted (convection) oven. An oven will give you much better cakes than a microwave, you just need to get used to how your oven cooks. Most recipes are written to ...


The doneness of something is obviously a matter of a opinion, but based on the comments I received the "crunch" in each bite is normal. It is overcooked if it is tough and rubbery and it is undercooked if you cut it open and you see white on the outside but a clear-ish color towards the middle.


Try soaking the oats in cold water overnight- they will absorb some of the water, but faster, according to "The Joy of Cooking"


I usually leave mine overnight. Bring the water to a boil, throw the oats in, stir, cover, and remove from heat. In the morning they just need a quick reheat.

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