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Heated metal will move towards the source of the heat causing the valley in the middle of cheap cook ware. The heated bottom side is hotter than the inner surface of the pan and expands more. If heated and cooled slow this is much less likely to occur. Cooking at too high a temperature and pouring water in the pan while very hot will cause this type warp. ...


the blade and plates are usually not stainless even if the rest of the unit is. I always figured it was because stainless (while harder and better and holding an edge) is somewhat brittle and could flake off from bits of bone. just a thought though.


Purpose Non-stick is a bit of a misnomer, they are actually significantly-less-stick. You can and should use oil in non-stick pans just as you would in a stainless steel pan. Certain things are much easier to do well in a non-stick pan, eggs would be number 1 on that list. I use them all the time. What they are not good for is anything with which you plan ...


Well nonstick pans were created so that the likelihood of food sticking to the surface of the pan is reduced and the idea that they were designed to be used without oil is not true. You certainly can use it with oil. Secondly, cleaning oily residue from the pan can be done as mentioned here. It is suggesting to do the following: Fill the pan with water ...

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