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Worcestershire sauce is fairly sweet, it's the sugar that's blackening. There's nothing you can do about it - if you add it to your pan it's going to char. The solution is not to put it in the pan, but put it on afterwards or mix it in with the meat before making patties. You'll get a better result that way as well, you're destroying the flavor of the ...


I bought one for Father's Day & we used it ONE time and ended up with a SEVERE crack. We used it indoors on the gas burner and made chicken. It was yummy, a bit salty for my liking but I could see how I would adjust what I made. I let it cool completely, overnight...and the crack was there in the morning. I bought it out of the area on a road trip ...


If it's a really bad stain you can use steel wool. It may leave some scratch marks, but that just means you use your pan!


Remember you have to be able to get all you stuff there. Is it worth lugging a pressure cooker half way across the world to save 10$. I would bring any local seasoning that you use. Your gonna be in for some culture shock when you get there.

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