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I have used Le Creuset enameled cookware on my glass top stove and it has never caused a problem. The trick is not to get it crazy hot. I never heat it to above 6. Never use high heat. I also use Revere solid copper cookware lined with stainless and have never seen it leave a mark. I wouldn't enjoy cooking without the copper pots. I have one French ...


Sprinkle with coarse salt - add any kind of inexpensive vinegar, just enough to wet the salt to a wet paste, scrub with a paper towel for 30 seconds or so, using the salt as a mild "abrasive", while the vinegar dissolves the cloudiness. Rinse with water and dry. Voilá. This is simpler and cheaper than using any kind of kitchen cleanser, and no toxic ...


If you want a purpose-made diffuser, you can buy it online instead of trying to substitute something else. For example, Amazon has a large selection.


I see absolutely no reason not to do that. As you say, the very nature of diffusers is that they aren't smooth. Keep in mind that it's not just extreme heat that you want to avoid, but also extreme changes in temperature. So you want to heat the tagine with the implement that you are using as a diffuser. Also, unglazed earthenware tagines are usually ...


TL;DR: You should. I don't own clay pots myself, so take this with a grain of salt. I found some information on the Bram Cookware website called Clay Cooking 101. It has recommendations as well as an instructional video. The process apparently is called seasoning, rather than healing. Here is a short summary from the page: Seasoning Your Clay Pot ...


As an addition to the above excellent advice, if you cooked something that didn't get the pan overly dirty, try putting a few teaspoons of non iodized salt in and cleaning with that. Has the effect of sand, and effectively pulls away excess oil. For very dirty cast iron. I agree with the above answer!

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