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Cast Aluminum is different from cast iron in several ways. Not necessarily better or worse. Aluminum conducts heat better than iron. This means that for pans of approximately the same size and thickness, the cast aluminum should heat more evenly than the cast iron. ...


Materials of equal hardness will abrade each other, so stainless-on-stainless scratching is possible, especially because the utensil might be made from an ever so slightly harder variant of stainless than the pan. Aluminium could be identified by behaviour in a dishwasher, density (weight vs displacement), or scratch testing with other materials... ...


It is possible that either the cookware or the utensils being used are a metal other than stainless steel. Aluminum used to be a common household material until more recently. This does create a metallic taste to food, especially when there is an acidity in the ingredients like tomatoes or lemons.


Let's see how to GUARANTEE this undesired effect happening (if you do/have all or most of the things on the list): -Unevenly cut onions -Onions from different varieties mixed -Pan very hot -Not frequently stirring (or saute throwing) -Thin bottomed pan on a hob plate with low thermal mass and weak heat coupling (glass ceramic or electric coil would be ...

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