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For many years I have been using both cast iron and cast aluminum Dutch ovens to prepare everything from main courses to desserts on river trips. I have thousands of hours of cooking time experience with both types, and I have seen no differences at all other than weight - the aluminum oven weighs about one third to one fourth less than the cast iron oven. ...


BKF would be bad to inhale or to ingest. Used as directed, in a wet solution, and then rinsed off, its nothing to worry about. You probably already (and without giving it a thought) use many things that are poisons or would at least make you sick if you drank them on your dishes - dishwasher detergent, liquid dish soap, bleach are all rather nasty things ...


The ceramic of a hob is very hard. When we fitted one of came with a scraper - a mounted razor blade. This is excellent for getting any surface muck off. You can buy "glass scrapers" which are the same and not expensive. There shouldn't be any chance below the surface.


It looks suspiciously like water that's been burned off at the edge of an overboiled pot. On ceramic tops you get two kinds of stain. You get grease/food burned on, and that'll turn black like the inside of your toaster over, and you get the white mineral stains which comes from water drying around the edges. The center usually stays clean because it gets ...

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