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If the flavor is already in the dish, there isn't really a way to get it back out. You may be able to add more spices to bring it back into balance, but this is also likely to simply make all of the flavors equally overpowering. If it is only the marinade that has too much coriander, you may be able to leave the coriander out of the remainder of the recipe. ...


Theory 1: moisture Were the leaves wet at all? I worked in a restaurant before, tending to the fridge. I had to make sure the salads were washed and thoroughly spun. Wet greens wilted and rotted faster and we had to toss them. The roots can be wet and exposed to water, but make sure the leaves stay dry. Theory 2: freezer burn This link mentions that ...


Here's an article that suggests using on seafood/white fleshed fish. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/19/dining/19cori.html


I've done much the same thing here although with actual Coriander rather than Cilantro. As I understand it they are separate herbs, but with similar properties. I can understand the desire to differentiate, by name, the seeds and leaves, you may find that the coriander seeds you buy are actually coriander, and the cilantro plants/leaves you get are ...

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