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Buying local honey is one way to be sure that what you are getting is "honey". I've never heard of people passing off something else as honey. Isn't that why we have the fda? If you are buying it in the store, check the lable... my honey has one ingredient; honey.


You want to cook fresh corn as quickly as possible. Picking corn will start the process by which the sugars in the corn will convert to starches. Although american sweet corn has been bred for additional sugar so it will still be sweet for a day or so, you typically want to cook corn immediately so that it'll retain its sweetness. It doesn't need to be a ...


Good question! Corn is very versatile. I've found that fresh and frozen whole kernel corn are very interchangeable when used in casseroles. Most casseroles cook long enough that you could use either without making any adjustments. However, canned corn is a different animal. Because it is more processed I would use it in recipes that call for it but I would ...


In korean cuisine, corn noodles are made with powdered elm root as the binding agent as it has the starchy glutinous qualities missing from corn. Maybe you could see about that or try getting some corn noodles from a korean grocer?

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