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You can substitute but don't expect them to be exactly the same, of course. The fat, protein, and sugar in milk all interfere with the flour and egg protein binding in the crepes. Milk will produce a more tender product. Also expect the flavor to be a little less luxurious without the fat and sugar. You can use vanilla or replace some of the oil with ...


You may substitute water, yes, but be sure to also add in a flavorless oil, egg and some Vanilla. The water should only be a bout a cup or so so as to not dilute the batter to much.


the only little "trick" beside temperature control is in my experience to keep the batter a little more liquid, after all you can fry an egg in an oiled pan what sticks is the flour, so i used less of it and it worked. And i did have a good thick cast iron pan which makes it easier with the temperature i think, if you use a thin alluminium pan on gas fire i ...

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