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As you're new to cooking, I'd actually advise you use the boneless skinless breasts that you mentioned, just because they're easier to deal with ... even if they don't have as much flavor. Although a slow cooker will work (I like canned chipotles for liquid, but I like heat), if you don't have one, or don't have the time to wait for it, here's my technique ...


Most recipes say to use a slow cooker, but some say boil. Why would one be better than the other? It is better to slow simmer. As a very general rule, it is better to moist cook meat or poultry slowly. It makes for a more tender, more luscious bit of meat. Sometimes I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, so I'll just show you this from Bon Appetit to ...


Host a lot of parties, typically I plan on 1 pound per person as a general rule of thumb.


Always 145 for internal tempature. Set on low or warm, should take 10 hours. Similar to smoking, low and slow makes the best meat. Not sure about comments on cooking too 160 and over, sounds like they are making leather, not meat. If you go this high MAKE sure you have very fatty meat (like brisket). Be sure to braise roast before slow cooking. As ...


Each Kg (2.2 lb) is will result in at least 0.6 Kg (1.3 lb) of pulled pork (a similar amount for beef) A large dinner serving is 200 g (8 oz), or a typical dinner burrito requires 50 g, budget two burritos per person There is a 20% to 40% loss by weight of fat and fluid depending on quality of pork and cooking method and temperature Remember not to stuff ...


It depends on your portion size. If you figure a 6 oz portion and 45 - 50% loss on boneless pork butt (based on some internet research)...I would estimate that 26 lbs would feed around 35 people.

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