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JLD 612 with solid-state relay . . . I use to cook sous vide without problem . . . It does not loose its mind if power is lost and restored.


It'll probably be fine. An hour isn't very long and I am willing to bet your food was getting hot anyway even if it wasn't getting as hot as quickly for the first hour.


It won't be the exact same thing as the original recipe; you've essentially seasoned it differently. So I'd expect it won't be better or worse just different, but depending on your tastes it might well be better or worse. I can imagine it ending up under-salted since the marinade mix might be less salty than the sauce mix.


The Low and High settings both cook at the same temperature. The only difference is how long it takes to reach the simmer point before the temperature stabilize. So basically, both settings will stop at around 209 degrees and stay there until turned off. What's the difference between the Low and High cooking: ...

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