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I completely agree with the comment that says the whole purpose of a slow cooker is too save time and energy. As a mother of 5 the scientific raining or a chefs training for using a slow cooker if something I could care less about. It's all about convenience and saving time for us mom's of multiple children. Some of us work fill time and by the time we gets ...


I always leave my crocpot on low, not warm. The meat and potatoes are always tender.


Beef is generally a pretty hard meat to break down compared to other meats. Takes longer to chew, longer to digest, and requires more heat to make it tender during the cooking process. So while a crock pot is fine for most of the operation, you'll meet with the desired success if you'll instead braise your cut of beef in a covered pot (not a pan) on the ...


Try cooking on low instead of warm (or at a higher temperature, maybe 185-195F, with your fancy crock pot), and make sure you really got good stew meat. I would expect the beef to have been reasonably tender after that long if it were the right kind of cut - certainly not inedibly tough, even if it weren't all the way done due to the lower temperature. But ...


If we go with the 2 hour rule, then you have about an hour to get it back up to a safe temperature. So either turn the crockpot on high 'til you get it back over 140°F, or remove some of the broth and use another method to heat it and then re-combine the two.


I know I'm weighing in on an old question, but in my experience there are two things meat needs to do really well in the slow cooker on a long cycle (ie all day): the right amount of fat, and plenty of collagen. We all know about fat keeping meat moist, that's true of other cooking methods, and as others have said, chicken breast does not do well cooked ...

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