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Acetate sheets posses a firm and rigid shape, with a glossy coating that assists the removal of decorations such as chocolate decoration. It also can be shaped without being indented at any point which baking parchment most frequently fails to do. Baking parchment is very agile, this fails to support decorations as a mould, and would consequently lead to ...


I just soak the seeds until the skin is soft. This takes a few days, and the water has to be changed every day. Afterwards, you can wash and roast or boil them as you like.


I think generally acetate sheets are used for this kind of thing because they're a bit stiffer than baking paper. They're also shinier, and as a general rule, the shinier the surface that you put the chocolate on, the shinier the chocolate will be. You could use baking paper but the result is not going to be as good. Like other people said, acetate is clear ...

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