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I have a slow baked fish recipe that will be just perfect for you. I found it about 30 years ago in the New York Times Magazine. Cut the lettuce into julienne strips.Rinse it, shake but leave it wet. Place a bed of the lettuce it in a baking pan with sliced aromatics such as onion, shallot or garlic . Sprinkle the lettuce lightly with water or white ...


Brown lettuce may or may not be harmful to you, it depends on how far gone it is. We get a lot of questions on this forum asking about how to use ingredients which may be past their prime, and the advice is almost always not to try - mixing bad ingredients with good ingredients is almost always going to ruin your good ingredients and waste time and money. ...


In Caribbean cooking, you can use it in rice and beans dishes. Namely rice with red or black beans. Add while stewing the beans. If you're using canned cooked beans, add it just as you're starting the burner, so that the flavor has a chance to come out.


I make a bisque. I scrape the corn from the cob and puree the vegis, add some whipping cream, and salt to taste after reducing your stock. It is the best part of the meal. If there are a lot of potatoes left I will use some in the bisque and then make some potato cakes to serve with the bisque.


Sage, plantain (the long pointed type as opposed to the broad leaves) and thyme tea.


Ground powdered sage leaves are good for colouring homemade soap.

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