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You can get them dried and otherwise processed from Amazon, rose water too. Fresh is going to be a greater challenge. I don't know of a better answer than letting your fingers do the walking or making friends with a gardener. Of course, if money is no object there is always an option.


This is a crap-shoot, but if you have any gardeners who grow roses in your neighborhood it might be worth it to ask around and see if you could buy or barter for some of their flowers. You could also grow your own. Alternatively, see if there is an organic florist in your area. Interest in organic goods is increasing in North America, and people are getting ...


You can try organic markets in your area


The purpose of this liquid is to prevent the cheese or tofu from drying out. Its main use is for storage, not for consumption. If you don't consume the cheese at once after opening the original package, you are supposed to transfer the liquid into a storage container, or replace/fill up with water. There are people who drink the whey, because they like the ...

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