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Yep, cooking them in oil makes turns them into gravy. Put a lid on the pot and add some salt and let them get cooked in the oil. stirring them here and there to cook them evenly


One con of cooking this way, high temp and less water, is that your curry is much more likely to burn. Both lower temperatures and more water slow the cooking, making it easier to find the right spot where everything's cooked through and done, instead of overreaching the time or not stirring quite enough and finding the bottom burned. It maybe can be done, ...


There is also the possibility of the thickening happening due to a chemical reaction that only happens at a high or low enough temperature. The link you posted is not specific enough to make out an ingredients list so I can't know for sure. However, if you play around with the water you should be able to get the evaporation process to take less time but I ...

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