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Yoghurt is indeed used in some Indian curries. After preparing the curry paste just add yoghurt and stir. Stirring is important. Stir well till the yoghurt blends in with the curry paste into a smooth curry or it will separate. Yoghurt is not suitable for all curries in general. Add it if for a little sour flavour in the curry.


It depends on what you are cooking, yogurt is used as marinade for few barbeque dishes like tandoori chicken,paneer tikka and it's used in making curries in many dishes as Srilekha mentioned. Yogurt is added at the end and is cooked no more than 2-5 mins for the simple reason it seperates water when cooked on high tempreture and reduces it's sourness and ...


Don't grind the onion too fine. Just chop it fine. Now if it is done add some oil and put it on low heat till it starts to taste better.


The taste of the raw onion can be nullified by salt, vinegar, lemon, tomato, sugar depending upon the recipe you are making. All of them could never be used in the same recipe but i believe that at least you can use one of them. Depending upon the type of the onion, I am not so specific about the type. You can peel them, cut them in half and then put them in ...


I discovered that 2% Evaporated Milk isn't the default (this is all that my local store stocks most of the time). When I made the curry with regular fat (not skimmed?) Evaporated Milk, almost no separation occurred.

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