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Bake longer. If the outside is getting overdone when you bake longer, bake longer at a lower temperature (usually first 10-15 minutes hottest for maximum spring, then turn down as needed so the inside is done without the outside being burnt.) Perhaps 350F for 15 min and then 325 for an additional hour and 15 (90 total), if the top is as black as it seems ...


I would take off about this much: http://i.imgur.com/omZv79b.png and that's it. Anything more than that and you're taking off far too much. It'll be time consuming to take them off one by one, so what I do is line a bunch of them up, using the back of my chefs knife to line them up straight, then cutting the ends off and repeating on the other side.


I do trim them, but not as rigorously as you do. I really just take off the tips. There is an exception to this though. The ones you show in the picture have been harvested quite young, but this is not always the case. You can have situations where the end that holds the little peas has a tough fibrery texture. In those cases I still take off just a little ...


One cause of gumminess in 100% rye breads is excessive starch degradation related to amylase enzyme actions. Amylase action is slowed down by increasing acidity. You can increase the acidity by adding a small amount of lemon juice or cream of tartar to your dough as described here. In his books "Whole Grain Breads" and "Crust and Crumb", Peter Reinhart ...

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