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Just tackled this problem. Key was a) v sharp knife and b) keeping pressure on the middle of the biscuit. That stopped it crumbling. Result!


There was an article on this on Serious Eats last year. The cutting method can give a different flavor depending on how much the cells are ruptured. The takeaway was: Knife-Minced: Once again mild, with little bits of chewable garlic that are tender and sweet. Garlic Press: Stronger overall flavor than the knife minced, with a medium burn in the ...


I've done both, more mincing than pressing. Just from my experience, mincing is preferable for flavor, plus I watch MANY chefs on TV and rarely do I see them using a press, which speaks to me. Also, when you press, you have to go through all the steps unless you are willing to scrape the peel out of the press between cloves. If you press after peeling, you ...


I had similar stuggles at first. Sharpness is first, test it on your thumb nail - it should have a decent bite. Second water, I dip my blade in water for a roll, not each piece, the other is when you dampen the nori to seal it, don't overwet it. Then, if possible, allow it to sit for a bit, maybe 15-30 seconds, with the sealed area on the bottom, that will ...

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