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Some people are intolerent to the fermentation process used to make the cheese (intolerent to some sort of bacteries I gess) Some other people just don't like the taste of cheese, but like the other dairy products (e.g. yoghurts, cream) In both case, these cheese alternative are fine for them, and they can use it to cook meals that normally use cheese they ...


Lactose intolerance (which is different from a milk allergy, which is a smaller group) comes in varying degrees, so this may be useful for people who can have a bit of lactose (who can process casein fine). For example, many lactose intolerant people (who often avoid dairy) can handle non-dairy creamer fine (and varying amounts of cheese), even though it ...


Yes, you can. You just have to use a culture that can be used on vegetable milks. The method is basically the same as with regular yogurt.

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