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I immediately thought of the sand laying technique used in Mandalas. I can't find a straight description of the technique itself, but it involves rapping a solid rod on a hollow, usually ridged tube filled with colored sand (or in your case, sugar). It's an incredibly exacting technique, to be sure, but that makes it easier to practice and get right in my ...


Basically, there are two options: Use a stencil. This means, your design can be only slightly raised (or not at all), because the sugar will create a 3D illusion. There are plenty of examples online, here is one from Martha Stewart (in honour of upcoming St. Patricks Day). This can be done befor baking or afterwards by sugaring an image stenciled with ...


Put the sugar on a flat surface, put the cookies in upside down. Getting the sugar to stick will depend on your type of cookie. You might try brushing the cookies with a bit of water to moisten the raised parts.

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