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For a deep-dish pizza, around 425°F is right, and so is 20–30 minutes. That's starting with cold dough (need to keep the butter layers chilled, at least for a Chicago-style pizza). Cooking in an aluminum 3" deep cake pan is fine. I suppose cast iron should work too (though it'll heat slower, so might take longer). As has been pointed out in comments, the ...


Unlike Neopolitan pizza crust, Chicago pizza crust is made with a heavy, relatively low-moisture dough with a LOT of oil (or, in some cases, butter) in it. These crusts are not blind-baked in any way; instead, they depend on the long cooking time (45min) and the high oil content to become crunchy despite being buried in toppings. If the frozen one doesn't ...


Use LOTS of oil (usually corn oil) and a very short knead time (under 2 minutes). Giordano's runs their dough through a sheeter, resulting in a thin piece of dough that is draped into the pan. The tomato sauce is made with 6-in-1 ground tomatoes and the cheese is made by Stella. They do not par-bake, but at home, it helps a lot to do so.


Deep dish modifications successful. I ended up cooking in my 10" cast iron skillet at 475 for 20 minutes directly on my preheated pizza stone. On top of this I followed @derobert's advice and sweat the ever loving crap out of my diced tomatoes. Was able to extract a full cup of liquid out of them AFTER draining for an hour. The crust came out golden ...

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