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I know I'm a bit late here, but I do have an alternative to frying twice. If you don't want to fry twice, you can also boil the french fries in water that has one or two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice for about 15 minutes. You have to allow the fries to cool down after the boiling, at least until the steam is no longer present, before frying. This ...


The primary reason for the parboil is to be to lighten the color of the potatoes and prevent off flavors by flushing away excess starch. It's not strictly necessary to get a decently crispy chip. That said, par-frying isn't likely to be as effective for this purpose, per this passage from your linked source: ...heating up starch granules in the ...


It is happening to me as we speak with brand new oil. a mix of about 60 / 40 sunflower and coconut. I figure it must be the starch causing the foam. I dried my french-cut potatoes in the salad spinner beforehand.


You can take a wok and put in significant amount of oil and let it heat sufficiently. You can test whether the oil is sufficiently high in temperature by dropping a little bit of salt in it. If you see an instant reaction then the oil is hot enough. After which you can drop in your canollis one at a time but don't put in too many canollis in a single batch ...


The very nature of cannolis is that they are deep fried, but you don't need a fryer for that, a large pot, a half liter or so of neutral oil and a thermometer are all that you need. Like doughnuts, fried is the way to go, but they can be baked (if you must). Here's a sample recipe: Baked Cannolis.

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