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The Filling Consideration has to be taken into account on moisture content, size/thickness of the pieces and whether they need prior cooking and/or draining. All the ingredients should cook at the same time, or not require cooking. The Wrapper (and wrapping) Presuming the wrapper is the defrosted conventional Chinese wrapper (flour, water, oil) ...


I believe the other answers that suggest the number dial indicates degrees celsius are correct. Wikipedia says the ideal range is 350–375 °F (177–191 °C). I found this chart on Pinterest. 390 F = 199 C 370 F = 188 C I think the temp chart is a bit high. I would use the Wikipedia temp range (the article had two supporting references) I would use 191 ...


I am pretty certain these are degrees in Celsius. They cannot be degrees in Fahrenheit, that wouldn't deepfry a thing if they were. Similarly, unless you have a fryer which can only fry a single nugget at a time, they can't be watts, they're an order of magnitude too low for that. I have no idea what the settings "Temp" and "Min" could mean. Had they been ...


It looks like temperature control in degrees C. That setting will vary based on what recipe you follow, and the type of oil used for deep frying. I couldn't find that model on the manufacturer's website, but got some product info from a retail site here.

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