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Carbon Range Hood Filter $10-$15.00. I drain my 2 gallon deep fryer into original oil bottles. Next I rinse and wash the deep fryer with hot water.Then I place a metal mesh/carbon filter on the fryer and pour the oil through it quickly and easily. Then wash the grease filter in my dishwasher after rinsing with hot water.


Firstly I think you're having trouble making a distinguishment between water and oil absorption. Even though placing food in (room temp) oil may at first seem as if it had gotten it 'wet' it's a very different kind of soaked compared to doing the same thing with water, as the two liquids have profoundly different properties. Oil when heated, however, ...


I think it's because there is water inside the gnocchi paste, which turns into vapor and builds up pressure. A little bit like why you shouldn't throw an ice cube in hot oil. You can pan fry them, but not deep-fry them.


My mother used to make delicious chips. She bought raw beef suet from the butcher very cheaply. She heated it gently in a heavy pan (with lid) until the the fat had come out. This is called rendering. The liquid fat (called dripping) was then poured into a pyrex bowl and cooled. This is a very hard fat when cold. It can be used for some pastry recipes. ...

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