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Cooking meat while it's a little frozen generally works fine with methods that have some wiggle room in how much extra time you can add. Unfortunately this isn't the case with frying, and even if you cut the meat into small pieces I don't think you'd have much success. My favorite method to quickly thaw meat is using a microwave. Most microwaves have a ...


As far as food safety goes, it should be safe to refry food with it (after all, you are heating this up to ~400 F again, bacteria stands no chance) The filtering helps on the flavor department. As food particles/breadings fall off, they burn and impart a burnt flavor. If you reuse oil with much burnt parts, the burnt flavors will come through lot quicker. ...


I would reuse it. IMHO it's more a matter of how many times you reuse it than how you store it in between. You can filter through a paper towel if you want to.


I have tried an air fryer. It is very convenient, but if it is the ultimate taste you want (whether it's fried food or roasted food, health/oil issues aside) then no, it can't beat deep fat frying or oven roasting. Having said that, it is a good speedy compromise when in a hurry.

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