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I made sweet potato crisps by cutting with my potato peeler, then putting them in my deep fryer, make sure its very hot, a few seconds latter they are ready. They were lovley.


You will never achieve the same texture and doneness after two hours that you will when your shrimp come out of the fryer...unless, of course, you have access to a CVap oven. The CVap was invented (I believe by Col. Saunders for Kentucky Fried Chicken) to solve the problem you identify. Shrimp cook very quickly, but without access to a commercial ...


Carbon Range Hood Filter $10-$15.00. I drain my 2 gallon deep fryer into original oil bottles. Next I rinse and wash the deep fryer with hot water.Then I place a metal mesh/carbon filter on the fryer and pour the oil through it quickly and easily. Then wash the grease filter in my dishwasher after rinsing with hot water.

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