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Yes, certainly. Deep frying only works well in a very narrow temperature range. The optimal temperature is different for every food, but it's in the 180 to 210 Celsius range. The needed temperature is determined by the starch type and the amount of wetness on the outside, and is chosen such that it crisps immediately (not allowing the inside to get soggy ...


I filter oil through a piece of paper kitchen roll. It's much finer than a strainer and cheaper than a coffee filter (or my wife's tights!). Place the kitchen roll in a mesh strainer to support it and prevent tearing when you pour on the oil.


Of course! If the oil is too hot when you're making chips(UK)/French_fries(US), the outside will burn before the potato inside is cooked. That's why 'twice fried' or even 'thrice fried' chips were invented.


Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I've found that simply increasing the amount of oil on the molds makes the shells slip off cleanly every time. There needs to be a visibly thick layer of oil on the parts of the mold that the sheet touches. I've taken to using pourable vegetable (canola) oil rather than spray. I have the molds in a pan, pour ...

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