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What you are describing should not happen when using the right technique. I suspect this is happening because you are either lowering the battered food into the oil using the net, or your oil temperature is not hot enough to cook the batter before the food sinks to the bottom. The net is only for removing the food once it is cooked. Battered food should be ...


Try the following Cake flour Potatoe starch Egg Water Salt Ice cold batter, and combine with your normal recipe. I used this to make crispy tempura when cold for various salads.


A tortilla is always going to get hard when deep fried as it's very thin and dry. There's no air or moisture to puff up in a tortilla, so I don't see how you would be able to make authentic poori with them. I've never made them myself but my understanding is that you need to make a dough, roll it to about 1cm thick and fry it.


Okay, so I seem to have figured out. If you leave florets in the batter overnight, the veggie will loose all the water and make the batter very very thin from what you would actually need for deep frying. So the answer is no. It shouldn't be done!!


White diamond are great they are from South Dakota in the United States. They make a potato that has the perfect starch content for chips.

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