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It looks like that's a chocolate transfer sheet, which is just a very thin layer of chocolate with patterns printed onto it and then baked Here's a link I found of someone doing this at home: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/105238-demo-making-chocolate-transfer-sheets/


The short and clear answer is: it is absolutely not safe. As with any cooked food, the official safe period is 4 hours outside of the fridge. That's it, no matter if you have eggs, or anything else inside. I'm aware that many people don't care for the official guidelines, and go by feeling and food type, and that's their right. But there is no way to give ...


Since it is a custard, you should probably refrigerate it as soon as it is cool. A very sugary or acidic custard may be able to resist bacteria for a couple days (see Bismark donuts), but unless the recipe was specifically developed to be stable at room temperature, then there is some risk of it going bad. If you have a fridge, there's no reason not to use ...

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