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A pavlova is similar to a meringue. (The additional starch and vinager change the texture a bit, but not the preparation). The key to baking a pavlova is not baking it. You want it to dry, rather than bake. What does this mean here? If it turns brown, the heat is too high. (A very slight tinge is ok...) Especially with a smallish oven, the heat elements ...


Sweet dried fruits like raisins, dates, or apricots complement pistachio very well.


I have used orange as an excellent flavor pairing with pistachio in cakes, biscottis, panna-cottas, custards, etc. I always add the zest of orange and a few drops of orange essence. I've also tried cardamom and saffron with pistachios specially in Indian desserts and it is a very popular pairing in India. Just use a few strands of saffron and powdered ...


No, ghee cannot be used in place of butter, because ghee is clarified. This removes the water from the butter, which is a key component of butter when used in baking. The water evaporating and creating steam pockets gives a lot of foods their fluffy texture. The removal of the water would create a lot of issues in getting your desserts to come out right, ...

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