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This will only thicken by reduction if you leave it on for a really long time. At least 8 hours of simmering, but better to use more than 16, and then you'll get a flavored kaymak. The way it thickened is much more likely to have been raspberry pectin. Many berries have sufficient pectin to thicken when they happen to be used within the optimal sugar and ...


Well, there is a pan especially for flan (Spanish), they call it the Flanera Flan Maker: It doesn't appear to be intended for use with a bain marie, I'm pretty sure it's intended to eliminate any need for a bain marie (although I have never used one for flan). Here's the link: Flan Pan


Gravity is making the petals open. If you look at the shape of the petals their center of gravity is towards the outside of the bowl, but they are being held in place by something underneath. I suspect that it's simply one piece of chocolate melted onto another. When the custard (warm or hot) is poured on it melts the bonds holding the petals in place ...

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