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Fairly simple: Assuming using a standard round cake pan Take a large pot that can fit a cake pan; and put on stove with lid; heat for about 5 mins on low/med. Insert a wire rack or some other flameproof device that will hold your cake or baking pan up at least 1 inch from bottom. Insert cake pan and cover; cook about 40 mins; until knife comes out clean ...


Maybe it was a variant of chokladbiskvier, a Swedish macaroon?


Does the recipe call for sugar and pre-baking for the crust, besides the butter? I make cheesecake and the recipes all have a sugar, butter and graham cracker for the crust. The crust is required to be pre-baked, and cooled before filling. I have been lucky with my crusts, unless too thick on the side of a spring pan, they all come out clean.

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