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Well, sounds more like German printen typical in Aachen area..


Crème Pâtissière is a thicker mixture, and is usually used for filling a pastry. It would be rolled into, or injected into something that would then be baked. As such, it needs to be thicker, so as not too leak out, and usually more flavourful, as it is the main flavour in the pastry. Crème Anglaise is what the English would call custard. It is usually ...


You might want look into "aquafaba" techniques (using legume stocks as an egg alternative that can be whipped stiff) for some of the layers, these hadn't been discovered/publicly documented at the time the original question was asked.


First, being that the kitchen is vegetarian, it would be optimal to make the recipe vegan. Many vegetarians actually prefer vegan. Perhaps you could make a modern tiramisu without the ladyfingers, as a layered cake? This would be faster. Below is a tiramisu cupcake recipe I made that was fantastic. You could easily use it to make the layered tiramisu cake. ...

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