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I have had the same crumbly problem when I haven't blind baked it long enough ( look for the slightly darker color and note strong aroma of deliciousness before removing from the oven ). Also check the knife you are using. A serrated bread knife can be very helpful in a cleaner cut through a graham cracker crust. Hope this helps.


There are machines for this. You can buy a kadayif(kunefe) dessert pattern maker, it is available online. However, it is somewhat expensive, around 140 USD.


This one's tricky, as there are some differences, but because different regions prefer one over the other, it's possible that some regions might conflate concepts under their preferred term. I thought I could easy answer the question, but a little bit of online research suggests it's pretty messy: Betty (aka Brown Betty) : Originally used a ...


Some of the terms may be regional but they do generally describe variations on a theme. My general understanding of the differences are as follows: Cobbler - A cobbler is generally a thickened fruit mixture with scone or biscuit-like top crust. Cobbler crusts, notably "Texas cobblers" can also be made with thinner batters that soak into the filling more ...

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