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This is strange. I've never made waffles before, but that pancake recipe is almost exactly the one I use, except for the baking powder. If it goes dark soon after preparing the mix, it is most likely a chemical reaction between two or more of the ingredients. It should still be perfectly safe to use, so don't worry about the discolouration. :)


I would suggest that you use corn meal, for the constituency and texture. Here is a recipe link that I think will answer all of your questions including how to cook. http://www.alwaysorderdessert.com/2014/03/homemade-corn-flakes-cereal.html Back in 2009 the bbc in the uk aired a tv programme called jimmys food factory, which explored ways of making ...


I've been letting my pizza dough rise in reusable plastic containers with plastic lids (I coat the bottom and sides of the containers with a bit of olive oil so that the dough doesn't stick). Seems to work just fine, and it's incredibly easy.


If you use something other than puff pastry it's not a Torte Milanese anymore, and other kinds of pastry will not hold together in the same way puff pastry does. Puff pastry's layers provide a certain amount of strength and will help keep the shape when sliced, other pastries will crumble much more easily. You can use short crust or any other pastry, it ...


Reference 1 in your Wikipedia link, the patent, describes the process as it was in 1895. Flakes of "corn, and other grains" appear to have been a bit of an afterthought. The basic process is: hot soak, cook, roll, steam cook, roast dry. Looks pretty tedious to do in a home kitchen, but possible with some effort.


I scatter them on a metal tray thinly coated with flour. Once the tray is full, it goes directly into the freezer. After the gnocchi are frozen on the tray, I dump them into a freezer bag. If you pile them to deep in the freezer before they are frozen (ie in a bag or box) they stick together. Out of the freezer, directly into boiling water. Do not need to ...


I typically use potato, flour and egg. Make. Freeze. Then, go directly from freezer to boiling water. Do not defrost first.

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