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Folding is almost always done when you have one ingredient like whipped cream, egg whites, meringue, or similar which has had a lot of air whipped into it, and you are incorporating that with another ingredient. The folding motion is meant to disturb the whipped ingredient is little as possible, in order to retain the whipped in air, and thus the volume of ...


I'm pretty sure the problem is in using too much starch. Try less, or even learn to whip meringue which does not weep - you need to get both the speed and whipping time just right - and then skip the starch altogether. You can also try making Italian meringue, it's much easier. It also doesn't need starch. Also don't use salt, it interferes with foam ...


I think, as mentioned above, it really depends on how the rest of the recipe goes. If the only source of air youre getting in the cake is from whipping the egg whites then foregoing that may result in very dense cake. However, if there is a step for example that asks you to whisk butter and sugar together until light and fluffy then I think it should be fine ...


I can't really answer the question on what to do with the egg whites but the question how long the egg whites are good: two to four days. Hmm, what about macaroons?

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