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Folding is almost always done when you have one ingredient like whipped cream, egg whites, meringue, or similar which has had a lot of air whipped into it, and you are incorporating that with another ingredient. The folding motion is meant to disturb the whipped ingredient is little as possible, in order to retain the whipped in air, and thus the volume of ...


The function of the chord, that is attached to the yolk, is to hold the yolk into place. To have the most uniform baking possible, you remove the chord. However, I never do. I keep it in with the rest of the whites and I've never had any problems with the finished products. So you can: toss it keep it with the yolk (a little bit of whites with the yolk is ...


There is no reason to try to remove the chalazae by hand in practice, or to worry about whether it goes with the whites (it will not interfere with foaming) or the yolks. The only application where they might be perceptible is a custard or curd. Simmered custards should be strained after cooking to catch any curdled bits; baked custards should be strained ...


Powdered sugar is about 3% corn starch by weight. So the candies set due to a combination of three factors: Drying Protein network from the egg white albumen Thickening provided by the corn starch There is some minimal health risk from the raw egg, as it is possible it was infected with salmonella. The actual incidence, at least in the US, is very ...


Assuming that your spatula and cookware is completely clean of any residual flavor, I strongly suspect that cooking spray is your issue. If I'm cooking something very bland (like egg white) I won't use cooking sprays for exactly that reason - I taste it too. Do you have a microwave? You may not need any oil at all, although scrambled egg (or egg white) in a ...


I can't really answer the question on what to do with the egg whites but the question how long the egg whites are good: two to four days. Hmm, what about macaroons?


You're looking for a "food grade" antifoam agent. A brief look at the linked search results shows antifoam powders look to be mostly silicone based. They may or may not work for your heavy protein foam.

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