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You can try to cook an omelette. It worked perfectly for me, except I have added some extra vegies to it.


It should be easily usable in applications where the egg texture is not that important. Find a recipe which needs both eggs (not whipped) and a liquid, and add the liquid to the overwhipped egg until the foam has subsided. Add the yolks back in (such recipes generally call for whole eggs). This should work with different types of griddle cakes: pancakes, ...


I make egg white omelettes nearly every day. I have tried a number of ways to separate the eggs. Being sensitive to how easily the yolk can be pierced led me to this process. Here's the simplest way I've found yet: Break eggs on a flat surface with only as much force as necessary to open the egg quickly. Open into a wide mouth bowl. Bring yolks up with ...


Letting them sit and dry is very important. If it's more humid that day I turn the ceiling fan on on medium and leave them on the table under the fan for 30-60mins. That helps A LOT. They dry very nicely.

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