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You could try making coconut macaroons: The egg whites only have to be lightly beaten until they're foamy, so deflated egg whites might work.


Make sure you add the Hot sugar syrup while still whisking and whisk the whites till they are cool the sugar syrup cooks the egg and kills any salmonella in the eggs


Mine used to fail, but now they always turn out well. The climate doesn't matter. But you have to keep them away from water. I use following measurements: 35 g almond meal 50 g icing sugar 30 g egg white 30 g sugar Beat the egg whites with the sugar until stiff on low speed, and have patience, as beating on high doesn't stabilize them. Next, fold ...


There is an obligatory steps when making italian meringue: Eggs with 1 week shelf life and less is better to make a great foam from it; Add some lemon juice to the egg white before whipping (not too much, just a little squeeze). Or you can add a half a teaspoon of tartar cream; Your sugar syrup should be from a range of 118 C to 121 C, and the egg white ...

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