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Salt, sodium chloride, is slightly chaotropic towards protein colloids, so it should loosen up the egg whites slightly by decreasing protein-protein interaction. That should make the whites easier to mix, but I doubt you'll get a significant size increase out of it.


Well I do not know anything about Frozen sorbet recipes or egg white as much. BUT... acti white is a replacement for egg white. And I have experimented with acti white in candy. And evety time the acti white was present, the texture I got in the candy was more "spongy" and the appearance of the colour was also more "milky". So perhaps the egg white is only ...


From a food blog: I often use egg whites to emulsify (smooth) my sorbets. I have also used lecithin and xanthan gum to great success when trying to not add extra liquid or worrying about someone who is allergic to egg whites. And another one: Others swear by whipped egg white for a creamy consistency So it seems it makes ice cream creamy. I guess ...

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