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Hello Alexander and welcome! All of the information I've seen about eggplants say that it is less bitter with cooking. So, if it is not bitter when raw, it should not get bitter when cooked. As you note, there are several ways to remove excess moisture and bitterness. Some of those would be salting, peeling, and removing the pith and seeds. However, most ...


If the slices are thin, you could bake/roast straight from frozen. I do believe the texture will be quite soft so use a parchment lined sheet if you wish to roast it. I like to brush a bit of miso mixed with honey on roasted eggplants. Another option would be to lay it into a lasagna. I think this option is the most appealing. I wouldn't bother to thaw it ...


There's a Sicilian preservation of eggplant called Melanzane Sott’Olio. It's similar to giardiniera, but after pickling, you pack it in oil. Because of the botulism risk of putting garlic in oil, it's considered risky for long-term storage (more than a week, and that's refrigerated), even though it was used in Sicily for generations. You might be able ...


From the nickname "kocakafa" I see that you are Turkish. So am I and I use a pan you can buy easily in any utensil selling store in Turkey for eggplant roasting. I am attaching the image. It is very easy to use and the cooking time is significantly reduced as the cleaning time.

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