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You've answered your own question already. Eggs are boiled in-shell and poached without their shell. The major difference is whether the whites can spread out in the water. It's not uncommon for eggs to crack slightly during boiling and for a small amount of albumin to leak out; this is generally discarded. I've never seen an egg explode out of its shell ...


I follow Alton Brown's recipe from Good Eats for grated (the only way!) hash browns and never have problems with it binding. It's from the episode "Another Man Food Show: Breakfast" if you want to search it out. He talks on the show about why the type of potato matters and recommends a high starch potato like an Idaho or Russet. I use Russets as they're ...


Why did this happen? One possibility is that the outside of the custard became overcooked while you were waiting for the middle to set. As eggs cook longer they tighten up more and more, squeezing out liquids that were previously captured by the protein matrix. The cooking process continues for a while even after you remove the custard from the oven, so ...


Egg-whites in a carton are usually pasteurized. Pasteurized eggs are not great for meringue because the heat from the pasteurization process negatively affects the proteins in the whites that make for good meringue. With a lot of whipping (and more cream of tartar or other stabilizers) pasteurized egg whites (whether from pasteurized eggs or from cartons) ...


I looked it up in a couple of pages and the difference between egg whites and egg beaters is the texture with the later being a bit watery and may require more whipping time for it to achieve a solid form. So probably you might want to give it a go try and make a meringue cookie but it may come out as good as the one using natural egg whites. The difference ...


I have heard it stated before, but here it is from various sources: Source 1 Source 2 (confirms the shake test) Source 3 In general, the air pocket in an egg gets bigger as it gets older due to the permeability of the shell. I think the shake test is a little hinky, unless it actually sounds like water sloshing. I would try the float test; fill a bowl ...


Year ago, you used to be able to buy instant meringue mix. The packet had egg white powder and sugar, and some food acid. Just add water and put in the mixer machine. They worked great, and often gave better results than fresh eggs Haven't seen them in the shops for years, it's all sugar free, and fat free rubbish


Hi i have the same problem and the only way to cut this smell is by adding lemon and orange zest to the batter. Also you can try a table spoon of whiskey or cognac.


What I generally do is use a slotted spoon to drain the runny parts of the white of, before putting it into the water. This goes well with the aforementioned method from Heston Blumenthal.

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