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Still Tasty gives raw eggs out of the shell 2-4 days. Since they rely on the USDA and other (conservative) sources, I'd go with 4 days for reasonable quality, perhaps a bit longer (assess your own risk) for safety. I can't really predict how it would affect quality, but you could certainly try freezing it if you wanted to try to keep it longer. As with all ...


What about freezing the eggs in separate containers? Daily portions, thaw one the night before and cook it in the morning. Microwave if you have it. Would this work?


Being an elderly man who has frequented a bar or two in his day I must say that I have never seen pickled eggs, pickled pig's feet, pickled bologna, or any of the other pickled delights that beer drinkers are prone to nibbling on kept refrigerated. In days of yore many bars advertised free lunches of such goods with the purchase of a beer or two. The ...


Add salt before your water gets hot


While it might seem like a drastic step to double the amount of egg in your recipe, in fact, you are not adding that much more egg relative to the amounts of your other ingredients. A whole large egg weighs about 50 grams and is roughly 75% water so that extra half egg will contribute just under 20 grams of additional liquid to your recipe - you will need ...


It wouldn't do much to it. You are already adding 245g of liquids (I'm counting the butter and water and egg). Doubling the egg adds maybe another 20-25g. You're enriching it a bit more, so slightly heavier dough and slightly slower rising, but it's unlikely it would amount to much. You will probably end up offsetting the additional liquid with a bit more ...


I just ate a hard boiled egg that had been in my fridge about 2 weeks, the last bites tasted like something bad, I am waiting to see how sick I get. I always thought they lasted longer....I will abide by the 1 week rule from now on!

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