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I separate the white and yolk. I put the yolk on my plate. I cook the whites and then put the cooked whites on top of the raw me, this tastes the best and comes out consistent every time.


I've only ever made French meringue prior to this, and I've only ever used whole, separated eggs. In this case, I used egg whites out of a carton (probably should note they were only a few weeks shy of their expiration date). I know fresher whites whip up better.. Older egg whites being thinner volume up better, but the drawback is being less stable (...


I have seen some blogs (without any references) that some old European recipes utilise hard boiled eggs, for Cakes & Sablé. It is mentioned that it is used to reduce the gluten binding together too much. I would guess it works similarly to gnocchi, the quantity of mashed potato mixed in the flour reduces the gluten leaving a soft pillowy texture.


Plain omelette: parsely and chives. I'd be careful with woody, stalky herbs like rosemary; not because of the taste but because I don't want to chew on the hard pieces. Keep in mind that the omelette does not get cooked as long as other dishes where these work well. Then depending on the filling: anything with cream and fish may work with dill. Italian ...

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