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Unfortunately, the function depends on the manufacturer. While turning off a set of elements may be common, another option is that the setting may just increase the cook time. Bagels are thicker and have more mass than sliced bread, so a longer toast time is necessary to have a similar level of toasting. In particular there are Cuisinart toasters where ...


The bagel setting deactivates or lowers the power on the outer heating elements. This has the effect of toasting the cut surface of the bagel while only warming the outer surface. Generally it's the inner elements that get up to toasting temperature.


Much would depend on exactly what ovens you are either getting for the new location or that come with the new location. The particular commercial natural gas convection ovens I get to play with sometimes have blowers that can be high, low or off - but you risk more unevenness than a home oven if the blowers are off. Mostly you need to experiment. Initially ...


I have a Dualit toaster and the 'bagel' setting switches off elements on specific sides of each slot, allowing you to toast only the cut side of a bagel or English muffin, which is the norm. If you wish to toast both sides, just use the normal setting.


I did this, and it didn't turn out so well. My oven was just north of 200 degrees celsius, I didn't want to deal with having the hot stone out of the oven, so I just tossed some sausage rolls on the stone to bake. By the time the top puffed and browned sufficiently, the bottom was, well, pretty burned. Now, these sausages were pretty big bangers (wrapped ...


Yup, you can use any small food safe receptacle.


Maybe try reshaping a whole stack at once. You might slowly bend them back into shape by hand, holding the stack and in place with your thumbs and wrapping your fingers around to bend the edges of the circle back towards the proper shape. Only the top one or two liners might fold in towards the middle, because the liners would layer together, and make ...


The "brand" seems remarkably shy - no website could be found for them, and no vendor admits what the non-stick coating actually is in this case. It appears (via internet picture) visually similar to the coating on "Bakers Secret" which is a silicone coating on steel. That works for a while, longer if you are careful to wash it promptly. But without a vendor ...


It is simply teflon. It can be colored in any color, but the lighter colors will darken with overheating, so it is convenient to coat a pan in an "overheated" color from the beginning. The manufacturer here chose to use a different color.


The lids are most likely dishwasher safe. Factors in dishwasher safe designation: Will the item be damaged by high temp water? (probably not, this is a pan) Will the item be damaged by the drying cycle heat elements? (probably not, it was designed to take high heat) Is the item susceptible to the corrosive detergents used in dish washing? I think most ...


Cast iron responds well to sanding. I thought I had damaged my c.i. frying pan because of pitting - I thought in the metal. So I decided to re-sand the thing by hand. Turned out the pits were only in the "seasoning" layer. Sanded it smooth, finishing up with fine sand paper & steel wool if i remember right. Anyway all by hand. Seasoning layer turns ...


Basmati rice will not cook well in rice cookers made in China. I've had success with Basmati rice in a Black and Decker rice cooker but solely if I soak for 35+ minutes and add a tbsp of olive oil and a 1/4 tsp of salt to it. But the Walmart rice cooker I used to have which was made in China had the foam issue you describe. I believe the foam is due to rice ...


Try to soak the rice for 5 - 10 minutes and then wash the rice well. At least wash the rice three times nicely rubbing them to remove the foaming starch. cook with just a bit less water than you would normally cook the rice in the rice cooker, as the rice is been soaking. Turn off the rice cooker as soon as the rice is cooked and remove the rice container ...


Have you tried changing the rice-to-water ratio? Two parts water to 1 part rice is the norm.

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