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Just because the oven is reaching high heat does not mean the olive oil that is on the surface of what is being cooked will reach the oven temperature (or get past the smoke point, even). In a deep fryer, heat is transferred almost directly from the heating element to the oil. In a pan, heat is transferred from the heat source to a pan, then directly to the ...


Smoke is not inherently a bad thing - look at the popularity of barbecue preparations, or the wide variety of both traditional and modern smoked foods. Why wouldn't a little bit of that flavor enhance whatever is being roasted? Olive oil itself also has a robust flavor, and it browns nicely. So in many ways it contributes to the flavor of the finished dish. ...


sometimes i'll replace 1/2 the butter in my cookies with peanutbutter and will cut the sugar a little. they still turn out pretty well. replacing all the butter would be bad, but some of it won't make much of a difference.


During the fall, upon acquiring sacks of russets during the potato harvest, I have found that using deer fat works very well. The fat on the rear haunches, just above the tail of the deer can be quite thick, actually 3/4" - 1" in thickness, and a lot of it. It is pure white and renders clear, and I store that fat just like coconut oil. I soften up a 1/4 ...

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