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This seems like a great use of frozen pie crust, the ones that come in a sheet not pre-formed in a tin. This would certainly reduce the time and effort on your side.


Based on you mentioning curry and bread, have you thought about either chapatti or roti? Asides from them being Indian bread and so complementing your curry completely, they are quick and easy to make a little kneading but will take less time than making pastry or biscuit dough. Just make the dough, roll out into a few rounds, fill one half, then fold the ...


Many filled doughs don't require long resting times (maybe 30min to an hour), but they generally do require a little bit if kneading to make sure they're sturdy enough to hold a filling. If you have a stand mixer or a food processor, you likely won't need to do any hand-kneading. I'd recommend looking at recipes for either empenadas or samosas. (Look for ...


Yeah, how about biscuit dough? That's a common way to do a quick and easy chicken pot pie. It might be a little tricky to actually enclose the curry in the biscuit dough, but it should be doable. For reference, here are a couple of "pot pie" recipes that use biscuit dough on top of the filling: Add a Pinch (from scratch) Bisquick (Using Bisquick brand) ...

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