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I'm really into preparing "meze" dishes, a class of dishes in the Turkish kitchen. A lot of them are prepared charred vegetables such as aubergines and peppers. These are traditionally cooked over a charcoal grill, but in many a Turkish home, they are cooked over the open gas flame of a modern stove top. The aubergine, after being charred, is put into a ...


Any fire in a confined area with limited ventilation, that produces smoke (an unburnt solid) is a health hazard, particularly those the with lung disease or asthma.


Why do you think gas is "cleaner". It contains CO2, CO, and other petrochem processing leftovers Good quality charcoal should produce the least other stuff, while producing similar CO2 and CO levels Indoor cooking with charcoal is popular in many cultures, but any method is going to produce CO2 and CO, which need to be adequately ventilated


It is similar to cooking over a propane grill. Gas grills often have stone or ceramic bricks in them to help retain heat, but it is the burning gas that provides it. Cooking over a gas stove should be similar. That said, I wouldn't grill meat or fish directly over the flame; it may work, but the cleanup may not be worth it. If you want to char a pepper or ...

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