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The secret I learnt somewhere and can attest from experience to work, is to dry out the skin. Dry the skin with a paper towel. Sprinkle a decent amount of salt on the skin and let it sit for a little while. Dry off the water that was drawn out and wipe off the excess salt. Now proceed to place the fish skin down in preheated oil and let it cook until it's ...


How I would do it: Fillet Fish Salt to Taste (Be liberal) Coat with Cornmeal Heat oiled pan, on a low to medium heat Add fish skin side down, turn once skin looks crisp then allow to cook through.


i use the two spatula method. one goes under the fish and one goes over. the one that goes over the fish is "face down", so I can even turn it without it falling apart.


I am from the Bahamas and the way we keep fresh fish from falling apart is this: After seasoning the fish, take a clean hand towel and gently tap the water off the fish until it's damp but not dry and be careful not to rub off the seasoning. Take a flat plate, sprinkle some flour on it and spread the flour to ensure it coats the entire plate. Take the damp ...


Soak it in starchy water for 4-5 hours


Soy sauce contains E numbers that are derived from Fish! So any type of Soy sauce is out of the question for those with a fish allergy.


I cooked one salmon and one halibut filet (1/2 - 3/4" thick, 8 oz each) in this exact same setup -- Anova + stockpot -- last week, at 130 degrees and 30 minutes. It was perfectly cooked.


Your set-up is fine. You'll probably eventually want to trade in the stock-pot for something like this: But there is no reason that the set-up you have shouldn't make great salmon. I have exactly that set-up (including the stock-pot for now, but the square polypolycarbonate container is on order). 125F for one hour is pretty close to bare minimum time ...


Pretty sure you didn't cook it long enough. The thickness of a salmon fillet, at a guess (I don't have one on me to measure) is about 40mm. Going by http://www.douglasbaldwin.com/sous-vide.html#Fish_and_Shellfish to reduce Listeria down to safe levels alone, I think you should have cooked it for much longer ...

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