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Swai and catfish are biologically related, but Tilapia is a Cyclid and as such quite far removed. I think the biological relation is not all that critical to their similar taste which you dislike though. The taste of fish relies on a few factors such as: Their living environment (Fresh, brackish, salt water) The type of soil on the water bottom (silt, ...


I have no personal experience, so I can only say what I've found on the web: There's a guide to pickling fish on the University of Minnesota website: Pickling is an easy method of preserving fish. Pickled fish must be stored in the refrigerator at no higher than 40° F (refrigerator temperature), and for best flavor must be used within four to six weeks. ...


Its simple. Meat is just another word for muscle. And a person that eats fish is not a vegeterian. The person is just a meat eater that only eats fish meat.

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