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A good rule of thumb is to soak the fish for 1 day per centimeter of the thickest part of the fish. That's the general rule for dried fishin Norway.


A wonderful classic dish from Europe starts with salt cod. You soak it for 24 hours with many changes of water, just in a bowl in the fridge, then cook it in milk until it softens. Then you make a mash from the cooked cod, some potatoes, and cloves of garlic that you gently cook in olive oil. Finally whip the olive oil into the mashed up fish/potato/garlic ...


You are correct in that salt fish are very salty. Where we live salt herrings are a tradition. The way to remove the saltiness is to soak them, changing the water every few hours. The trick here to really getting the saltiness out is to split the back. (The belly should already be split.) This is really important. I once had someone cook them for my ...


You could soak it in fresh water overnight, but then it won't be dry anymore of course.


Try Steaming it! Good luck ! or Fish Tacos with black beans, cheese, cilantro and salsa


Play it safe. It has been said: You probably will be ok, but the safer method is just to cook it the night before and refrigerate it. Toss the whole thing in an insulated lunch container, and you should have no problems. Even if the temperature creeps up into the danger zone, it shouldn't be there more than an hour or two before lunch time, and should ...


I haven't been able to find anything else that binds with TMA other than from dairy products, thus no substitutes. I have found several suggestions for getting rid of the fishy smell and taste. These include: • Soaking fish in water with lemon juice added • Soaking fish in water with salt added • Soaking fish in soda such as Mountain Dew or Sprite (look ...

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