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It is safe to consume the guts. Many people do. More Info: After digging deeper into the above article I spotted it contains the answer. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2006/oct/07/features.food7 They're so small (only up to 12cm long) that they're often cooked whole - head, guts and all. If you prefer, however, you can open up the belly with ...


The biggest concern with fish caught in the wild is the presence of parasites. You'll have to look up which species of parasite are present in the species of fish that you wish to use, and treat it accordingly. Tapeworm is common in salmon, and several other varieties of fish have various parasites capable of infecting a human host. Most sites I've seen ...


According to my knowledge, to avoid risk of catching some nasty virus (e.g. anisakis) it's better to put in the freezer and then defrost. This procedure will kill them.


Fill a clean bowl with cold water. Place in sink. Place fish in bowl under the tap. Turn on cold water so that it slowly trickles into the bowl. This is safe in the short term, or just until the fish is thawed. Of course, a firmer fleshed fish will handle this better than, say, a skate wing or some thin flounder. A plastic bag is basically irrelevant ...

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