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Kopi luwak is supposed to be smooth, earthy and less bitter compared to regular coffee. According to this blog the enzymes in the civet cat's stomach break down the protein in the coffee that is supposed to be responsible for the bitterness in the coffee. Though some coffee drinkers suggest that it tastes like instant coffee!!


Read the ingredient list for all the flavourings & do a simple water test to be sure. My Irish Cream one has almond oil in it and would not blend with water. My Watkins Butter flavour has no oil listed in it but behaved like oil when added to water. It's a complicated & tricky business to get Royal Icing to actually taste good (my fave flavour for ...


Orange extract is - as this term says - an extract of oranges. The aroma of oranges is often extracted at first as an oil. To make this extract soluble to water, the aroma is extracted to ethanol (alcohol) and may be diluted with water. Extracts should be used sparingly because the aroma is concentrated. (Pure) Extracts may have a relatively short shelf life ...


Whenever I make fries, I tend to leave them in water for anywhere between 120 to 160 minutes as it tends to leave them crispier. This presents a perfect opportunity to "marinate" the fries. Oftentimes, I'll add rosemary or garlic, however I would imagine adding finely ground white pepper would have the same effect. To fry, simply drain the fries in a ...


As you are no doubt aware, there are 5 basic tastes - salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Umami is the savoury flavour of mushrooms, cheese, cured meats, and so on. MSG is essentially 'pure' umami. In other words, MSG is to umami what salt is to salty and sugar is to sweet. So if you add it to savoury dishes (throw a parmesan rind in to vegetable soup ...


usually roasts for filter coffe are less darker then for espresso. darker roasts tend to have less acid, but it depends on the coffe beans used and the conditioning of the beans in the country of origin. a different approch is found here http://www.wolfredo.de/wordpress/ the idea is to roast coffee the "best way possible" and change parameters while brewing. ...


I have been using lemon bakery emulsion off and on for about 6 years as a substitute for vanilla in my sugar cookies and in a lemon glaze also for said cookies. I have also used it for cream cheese icing for lemon cake. Whether baked or not the flavor is very consistent and I usually double it for more pop in baked goods. Very easy and simple to use for a ...


Only regarding the sandwiches since salats are already discussed in the previous posts: Queso blanco1 with herbs, spices or whatever you want can suit sandwiches well. You could use cream cheese, Quark, ricotta, pot cheese or Bryndza etc. Note: Same here, I neither like Mayonnaise. Cream cheese and Quark spread on bread suits my palate. 1I'm not very ...


Metallic taste is due to the tannins in the tomato pomace and skins. A pinch of baking soda will alleviate the problem.


I don't think black seed oil is for culinary use. Could be... but the cold pressed natural oil taste and smells like turpentine! But very, very good for your body. I take it with a tsp of honey. Recommended is two tsp per day, but I feel one is fine and saves on the price!


Cook an egg, put it in the blender with some oil, lemon juice, mustard and salt. This allows you to create a mayonaise-like substance, but with less fat content so you'll have much less of a greasy texture. For something like a potato salad I'd add some heavy yogurt to this.

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