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Don't stop using bay, it's one of the most amazing ingredients ever! It gives depth and soul to anything you cook. It tastes like it smells when it's fresh. If you pick it fresh (you might as well pick a good lot of it to make it worth the effort), soak it in water and bicarb of soda, leave it to dry for 2 or 3 days and store in a jar. Use 1-2 leaves in your ...


I had the same problem for months. My final solution was to beat up the roast a bit before I put in the slow cooker, and occasionally stab a few holes in the roast so the tasty liquids can get inside. I also reuse the left over liquid as a gravy. Presentation wise the roast looks like it got hit by a truck, but who cares when every bite is juicy and tasty.


Ok I can give you an idea on what to do but it is a long shot. From what i see they use 1 Emulsifier •soy lecithin 3 Thickeners •tragacanth gum resin •apple pectin •cellulose 1 Swetener •sorbitol 1 flavour •orange flavors The rest is Vitamins. You dont need to add them. So you can use sugar instead of sorbitol. Soy lecithin should not be hard to ...


was told once to make burgers starting with the bottom of the bun. sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. then the meat and cheese. was told that is how our taste buds were built and let someone taste all the flavors


Your experience and other answers are very different from my experience; for me, they work well to temper a wee dram. :) If they're made of proper soapstone (a common material for whisky stones), you should be in good shape. If it's something absorbent like limestone or something (which is sometimes used for coasters, and inappropriate for putting in ...


Spices and herbs are fat soluble. This means that they need to have fat to release the flavours. You will not get large flavour profiles from a brine. The best you will get are hints or what is in the brine. Smaller peices of protein will pick up more flavour then large ones. Brine is meant to protect the muscle fibres from becoming to dry or tough.


If your "whisk(e)y stones" are actually stones, they are pourous all the way through. You'll need the thouroughly saturate them with water and a bit of vodka to rid yourself of the water- and alcohol-soluble flavors that have been absorbed. If you don't have the patience for the repeated soakings that will be required, I had good luck putting mine through ...


To eliminate any off flavors that may have been absorbed, soak them in warm water for a few hours. Be sure the stones are covered by at least a couple of inches, so that there's plenty of volume to absorb flavors. Agitate them every now and again as well. When you place them back in the freezer, be sure they're dry (any surface moisture will more readily ...


Kopi luwak is supposed to be smooth, earthy and less bitter compared to regular coffee. According to this blog the enzymes in the civet cat's stomach break down the protein in the coffee that is supposed to be responsible for the bitterness in the coffee. Though some coffee drinkers suggest that it tastes like instant coffee!!

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